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    Bill Kristol is the Co-Founder of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) think tank, along with Victoria Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan.

    As Greg Reese explained briefly in this video, PNAC effectively laid out the plan to to execute the 9/11 false flag, in order to “justify” the destruction of “7 countries in 5 years” using the treasonous, Globalist George W Bush administration and trillions of US Taxpayer dollars in order to do it.

    Bill Kristol may be one of the most TDS-addled human beings on the planet. He is seen here complaining about the “white working class” and preferring to replace them with “New Americans”, because they are less likely to vote for Trump.

    Tucker’s trip to Russia has got Bill Kristol so bent out of shape that earlier this week, he tweeted:

    “Perhaps we need a total and complete shutdown of Tucker Carlson re-entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

    In other words, Bill Kristol is a “Republican” who supports emptying all of Latin America’s prisons and mental hospitals into the US and he supports barring Tucker Carlson – a US Citizen – from re-entering his own country for the crime of doing journalism in Russia.

    It’s clear from his words and deeds that Bill Kristol seethes with hatred for America, yet he’s had an extraordinary influence on US Government Affairs for decades.

    Bill Kristol pretends to be a “Conservative” and a “Republican” but this is the central lie of the Neoconsevative movement, whose core members descend from key figures of Russia’s Communist Revolution, as Alex Jones lays out here – but which you will not find online (at least, not behind a paywall) or find in any mainstream publication:

    “The famous Neocon. [Bill Kristol’s grandfather, Joseph] was the Chief-of-Staff of Trotsky, who was the main commander for Lenin and Stalin, who killed tens of millions of Christians, ran the Russian Revolution but Stalin – after they poisoned Lenin – went after Trotsky and Trotsky ran to Mexico.

    “[After Stalin had Trotsky assassinated], they moved – all these Communists that left Russia, that had moved to Mexico – they then moved to Chicago and they took over the Chicago Business School with the billions, at the time – which is hundreds of billions now – of stolen Russian money and Christian money.

    “Just like the Nazis ran to South America and Ukraine after World War II and had billions of stolen loot, so did Trotsky. So people ask, ‘Why is the Kristol Family like royalty?’ Well, they were the head of the money.

    “Just like the end of World War II, Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush’s dad and George W’s and Jeb Bush’s grandfather…and they were the head lawyers over all – this is even in The Guardian – the Nazi money around the world. That’s why the Bushes are so powerful, they’re richer than Elon Musk but the money’s secret.

    “Well, it’s the same thing with the Trotskyites, they ran off with all the stolen money, because Trotsky ran the Soviet Union, he was the brain behind it.

    “And they said, ‘We’ll take over the Republican Party.’ So, they moved to Chicago, took over the Chicago Business School with all their money and created the Neocons we know today.

    “So, here is Bill Kristol, who helped lie about the WMDs and helped pass the Patriot Act and The Weekly Standard and all the rest of it, that tried to defeat Trump – and finally, Kristol’s not in control of the Republican Party, anymore.

    “And Kristol wants totally open borders to, quote “replace the white people”.

    Speaking of 9/11, retired CIA case officer, @SpookedBlog on his Telegram channel recently unleashed his assessment of what happened on 9/11 in a nutshell.

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    • Spot on!!! Thank You for shining the light of truth on one of these neo-cons. They infiltrated and hijacked the GOP and why there once rose a “TeaParty”.
      They ARE deep and the reason everything out of chicago is suspect. They gave US 911, endless war, and try endlessly to dissolve our rights and freedoms.
      I guess they don’t understand what happens when they destroy those whose backs they stand upon.

    • Absolutely true! Irving Kristol, Billys father was member of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, a socialist anathema to America as founded. Billy is a slick talker, but his darkened heart is aligned with the club’s objectives for global dominion.

      FKTV’s previous production showed pics of Kristol’s fellow club members in the Kagan family can of worms. Donald Kagan Sr, a Lithuanian by birth was an academic and advisor to Geo W Bush. He was also father of Donald Jr who is married to Victoria Nuland of Ukraine fame, co-founder with Wm Kristol of the New American Century! He is also a political columnist, contributor to war plans in Ukraine, advisor to US State Dept. and advisor to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry!

      Frederick Kagan, his brother is a history professor at West Point military academy, a close advisor to General Petraeus, an Iraqwar strategist and advisor for the New American Century. Frederick’s wife Kimberly is a university political activist and a fellow military advisor.

      Oh, wowee wow wow, any wonder why my nation, your nation, our nation is involved in wars of great interest to Israel and not much in our interest?? There are more connectable dots than these, many more.

        • Rick, I chased down your links and FYI one of them has been removed. In our pursuit of truth we must take care not to fall into the reactionary ditch of tribalism. If we are what we say we are then we will walk in that way. Otherwise we become hypocrites. The tribe that complains the most about tribalism is the very one that believes they are superior. If we are to believe in the message of Christ then we must have an attitude of affectionate benevolence toward all men and women irregardless of tribal distinctions. Our nation has fallen a long way away from its founding principles. It’s been a long slow process that began in its beginning and America has made a lot of mistakes, but it’s never too late to do the right things by all. I am so thankful for people like Alexandria and you. Keep it up.

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