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Some very encouraging things happened on Thursday. The Supreme Court struck down the OSHA vaxxine mandate on private businesses and Biden’s “Voting Rights” bill was shut down but the malign imposter has this latest trick up his sleeve.

On Tuesday, the DOJ announced the creation of a Domestic Terrorism Unit, which is being formed by Attorney General Merrick Garland for the purpose of criminalizing the majority of the US population, who oppose the Communist takeover of the United States.

Many will remember back in October, how the Senate Judiciary Committee opened up a can of whupass on the Attorney General over the DOJ’s criminalization of parents at school board meetings, with Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley upbraiding Garland and contemptuously urging him to resign.

And yet, despite these rebukes and despite the retraction and apology by the National School Board for the letter on which Garland’s memo was supposedly based, he refused to rescind his Orwellian directive to weaponize the FBI against parents who reject the Communist brainwashing in public schools.

Now, Garland has gone even further with this new Domestic Terrorism Unit.

At last Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Hearing, Ted Cruz questioned Jill Sanborn, the Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI about Ray Epps and whether there were FBI informants present on January 6th.

As we’ve said, the Counterterrorism Division she now leads is where much of the Russia collusion hoax that sabotaged Donald Trump’s presidency was brewed. Sanborn now holds the position previously held by Bill Priestap, who opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump, Michael Flynn, George Papadapoulos, Carter Page, etc., etc.

Other alums of the Counterterrorism Division include Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok. Readers may recall how Patrick Byrne claimed that he was under the direct supervision of McCabe, Strzok, Priestap and James Comey when he was ordered to blackmail Hillary Clinton back in 2015, as part of what the FBI’s “Operation Snowglobe”, so that the FBI could control her during her presidency, which at the time they assumed was all but assured.

This Counterterrorism Division, which is within the FBI’s National Security Division works closely with the CIA. As we know, Peter Strzok was – or is – both CIA and FBI.

All of this got me to thinking that this division appears to the FBI’s “Dirty Tricks” department and how therefore, this division may have been at least partially responsible for orchestrating the January 6th false flag operation.

The FBI’s new Domestic Terrorism Unit is now being created within the FBI’s National Security Division, to be on par with the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, as a brand new Dirty Tricks department aimed at everyday citizens.

This great article by Evita Duffy in The Chicago Thinker details Andy McCabe’s participation in a panel discussion last week at the University of Chicago about the January 6th “insurrection”, where he basically laid out the objectives of this new Domestic Terrorism Division and what they plan to implement. This, despite the fact that he was fired from the FBI years ago!

As he has been doing since 2019 as a CNN Contributor, McCabe was acting as a spokesman for the Globalist Cabal that wants to turn the US into a one-party state, like China.

McCabe gaslit the students about how January 6th is the key to implementing the Deep State’s frighteningly despotic policies to target conservatives.

He compared mainstream conservatives to members of the Islamic Caliphate and he described parents at school board meetings as a “very diverse and challenging threat picture,” that is so dangerous, it has become “essential” that we have a “rapid and complete response by law enforcement at the state, local and federal level to this sort of political violence…”

McCabe said that the increased surveillance of “mainstream conservatives” is “obviously a good idea” and that the DHS and the FBI need to stop merely focusing on the “fringes of the right-wing movement.”

He said, “When the intelligence community and the law enforcement community looks out across this mainstream, they didn’t assume [on January 6] that that group of people — business owners, white people from the suburbs, educated, employed — presented a threat of violence, and now we know very clearly that they do.”

McCabe wants to get around constitutional obstacles by implementing federal penalties against “domestic terrorism” and by granting domestic agencies the intelligence capabilities of the international terrorism-focused National Counterterrorism Center. This would, McCabe says, “give investigators the ability to begin investigating when folks are plotting or planning or organizing to use violence for the purpose of coercing the population or influencing government…”

In other words, Democrats are not going after real domestic terrorists. They have literally defined parents speaking out at school board meetings as “national security threats”. As McCabe said himself, the mainstream right is the extreme right.

Disturbingly, the University of Chicago seems to agree with all of this, allowing McCabe to spin lies about what really happened on January 6th and filtering student questions on Zoom by refusing to allow them to ask him any tough questions.

McCabe was thus given a platform to teach young, impressionable college students that the federal government should be weaponized against mainstream Americans by labeling them as “white supremacist extremists” and enacting new policy accordingly.

McCabe’s dishonest version of January 6 was happily accepted by the academic elites who invited him last week and his frighteningly despotic views and policy prescriptions will soon be enforced by the FBI’s new Domestic Terrorism Unit.

Sadly, the young University of Chicago students have now been inculcated into accepting these tyrannical ideas and they’ve been programmed to implement them in the future.


It has been known since the dawn of civilization that a tyrant will always find a pretext for their tyranny. And so it goes in 2022 as an unyielding portion of the bureaucracy of the Federal Government of the United States, poisoned by visions of globalist totalitarian grandeur, fueled by the 109 year inhabitance of a foreign central banking cartel will utilize their one sided characterization of the staged events of January 6th to propel their quest for unlimited power.

Whether its unconstitutional Vaccine mandates and lockdowns resulting from gain of function research engineered by the seemingly untouchable Nuremberg Code violations of Dr. Fauci.

Or the current wargames being played out in rural North Carolina where a “realistic” guerrilla war will be fought across two dozen North Carolina counties in the coming weeks, with young soldiers battling seasoned “freedom fighters,” according to the U.S. Army.

As the Charlotte Observer reported “Known as Robin Sage, the exercise serves as a final test for Special Forces Qualification Course training and it places candidates in a politically unstable country known as Pineland. The candidates face off against seasoned service members from units across Fort Bragg, as well as specially trained civilians, officials said. The setting is “characterized by armed conflict,” forcing the students to solve problems in a real world setting. “These military members act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters, also known as Pineland resistance movement,” the center said. “To add realism of the exercise, civilian volunteers throughout the state act as role players. Participation by these volunteers is crucial to the success of this training, and past trainees attest to the realism they add to the exercise.

There is an endgame to the madness of bumbling Biden’s desperate grasp for Oligarchy. The actual Great lie? We now have a Federal Government deeming Americans demanding a redress of their grievances as domestic terrorists. Meanwhile, haphazardly attempting to pose as the saviors to protect the American people and its Country Club of career politicians gaming the system from an informed patriotic majority. When everyone knows deep down in their gut that we must inevitably save ourselves from the unrelenting tyranny of a Republic hijacked by a power crazed sociopathic elitist establishment drugged by institutionalized marxism and dominated by foreign control.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • All they are doing is playing games and laughing all day long at us all. Courts acting and Pretending they are arguing and knowing damned well they will send the UN troops to force it on people, whether they want it or not. The Supreme Court, all of them, are paid flunkies and hacks, playing a role. Not one is honest. Not one.

    By the way, gas utility bill was $60.00 last month, nearly $350.00 this moth. Venezuela.

  • Domestic Terrorists? Taxpaying citizens, God-fearing country-loving Americans of all races. American soldiers wake up…these are your people that you will be going against…And when the government is done with you, you will be next.. the government that you swore to protect is not the same government you swore an Oath to…

  • You’ll be ‘right. The truly divine inspiration that led the drafting of your republic’s constitution has made for your nation’s past, present, and future collective destinies to be in harmony with prosperity according to the word of God, i.e., Jesus Christ and the kingdom of heaven.
    Wise and faithful men, together with their wise and faithful wives those courageous victors of independence were and are (whileever that document constitutes what the United States of America is, as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all).

    I’m Australian, descended from 7/8 free settler blood and 1/8 convict. Contrary to popular belief (even here in Australia), many of us have legal firearms of all kinds except select fire. We just don’t talk about it, even before Port Arthur @1996 and the draconian leegislation that Howard’s Political Capital was able to buy his government during the over-reaction that came thereafter.


    My point was that the first, and particularly the second, amendments to your country’s constitution has taken care of these threats. There will be oppression of the voices of the free, and their proliferate citizen possession of the personal firearm set (Semi-Auto and/or Pump Action 12G Shottie; Semi-Auto short bbl Rifle; and Semi-Auto Hi-cal./Hi-cap. handgun/s) of killing machinesenrues the first amendment will be enorced on the governing body politic.


    We just haven’t had our war of independence yet, and that’s all. But, it’s coming in the near future because our warm and fearless culture has been adopted by every other culture who come here to live and they adapts

  • I am a unvaxxed RN. If you do not include EVERYONE than you still not safe from tyranny.
    Plan for the healthcare system to collapse with many deaths ahead. We know the dangers and we are not getting vaxxed.

    • Heads up:
      I was sitting in my house in California, with the front door open for air just a couple months ago.

      In walked 6 sheriffs and they all surrounded me at once. They would not leave and they would not let me leave. I demanded they leave and they said nothing at all. Not once. They refused to leave and would not let me move.

      They forcibly took me, very much against my will, to Cottage hospital where I was put in a weird section and surrounded by white lab coats who held me down.

      Then, against my protests, they all injected me with ???? FOUR injections. One in each leg and one in each arm.

      I must have passed out.
      I am sick all the time now.
      They poisoned me.

  • Such military exercises are of the same mentality as Ferguson’s modeling. They presuppose a set of pre-existing conditions, with built-in variables none of which can ever duplicate real-world conditions. Being a “What-IF” scenario, they can only produce probabilities of varying strength. The outcome of Agenda 201 is a classic example.
    No one can model the wild card ingenuity and courage of a Sgt Alvin York. Or the know-how of a Will Stockdale. Take for example the Russians defending their homeland against the invading German army in WWII–Operation Barbarosa.

    In WWI the Allied Forces on the line stood up against their command chain and called a truce with the Germans, celebrating Christmas together as civil human beings. With the present pushback within the ranks against inoculation, do the top brass REALLY believe they can get Americans to fight their own? Some will, just like happened post WWI. But such actions will ultimately move against the military command. The risk of generating guerilla units out of their own ranks is very real in such circumstances.

  • GOD bless Alex Jones nobody pounds sand up the governments ass like Alex does. They tried to reset him a few times when he got too close to the truth on sandy hoax and Boston bombing BS op the butthurt threshold was severe for .gov and they nearly broke him so they thought . Now he’s just pissing on their wounds and pouring salt in their lube. No more Mr. nice crazy guy he’s all in and .gov in on the menu, yuk. Dumbfuck Brandon or who ever is playing his part these days has also gone all in. The domestic terrorist crowd will soon face off with the new clown warfare department of the build back better DOD won’t be pretty but should be entertaining expected to be shown on pay per view so they can fund this war.

  • I have participated in Robin Sage years past. This is a regular event the has happened every year, for decades. Probably since the 70’s. This is not some nefarious Op readying Americas troops for civil war.

    It’s easier to conduct this exercise on American soil than sending them all down to Panama or some other place.

    This hand wringing over Robin Sage is ridiculous.

    • JimB,

      “. . . hand wringing . . .?—Jim ?

      There sits General Milley, even though he had
      committed SEDITIOUS conspiracy against his
      Commander-in-Cheif (and his country),
      President Trump.

      So, to prove we live in an Orwellian time, the
      Oath Keepers’ leadership has been charged
      with “Seditious Conspiracy,” right after the
      FBI leadership had committed the exact same
      crime!—by conspiring to UNLAWFULLY remove
      a sitting President of the United States,
      Mr. Trump.


        The United States government and all those individuals within it’s many taxpayer-funded departments and agencies are actively engaged in an elaborate criminal conspiracy and is engaged in criminal collusion with multiple private international banks and multiple private international corporations and the United Nations.

        These unconstitutional and illegal collaborative entities have been actively engaged in all imaginable High Crimes including but not limited to Fraud, High Treason, Treachery; Embezzlement, Profiteering, Larceny; Slavery; Blackmail, Extortion, Bribery; Human Trafficking, Rape, Child Sex Slavery, Child Pornography, Child Trafficking, Murder; Human Organ harvesting and trafficking; Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering; Multiple Crimes Against Humanity; Domestic and International TERRORISM; Global GENOCIDE.
        The government of the United States of America along with it’s many Tax-payer-funded departments and agencies’ government officials, both elected and/or appointed, have actively and deliberately been plotting to undermine the sovereignty of the United States and have been deliberately deceiving the American citizenry since it’s inception.

        The U.S. government’s insidious use of propaganda tools, such as privately-owned media mouthpieces, compliant agency spokespersons and other willing quislings and covert agents do actively and constantly spread outright lies and deliberate misinformation through it’s highly organized and directed propaganda outlets also known as the “mainstream media.”

        The U.S. government has been engaged in all manners of criminal activities for multiple decades, particularly by a highly contemplated and systematic use of the C.I.A.-controlled (PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD) and Elite-owned and -controlled Mass Media, which is itself responsible for spreading constant LIES, half-truths, disinformation and misinformation through insidious and pernicious programs of mass mind control through use of Propaganda confabulated by those criminals within this unconstitutional, treasonous, fraudulent, illegal and thoroughly illegitimate United States government. These programs have long been devised and implemented with very specific goals to brainwash and control the thoughts of the United States citizenry and concurrently to conceal the multiple ongoing and abhorrent crimes of this United States government.

        The United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, the C.I.A., just one of countless other criminal agencies engaged in multiple criminal operations, is entirely funded by the taxpayers of the United States. The C.I.A. is a government-sponsored Global Terrorist Organization and network that has been actively engaged in subversion, collusion, extortion, fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, war crimes, treachery, treason, multiple foreign and domestic coups d’etat, multiple domestic and foreign assassinations, and countless myriad other strictly unconstitutional and treasonous activities, all highly illegal and all conducted in secrecy and without the knowledge or the consent of the Taxpaying citizens of the United States of America.
        We the People of the United States do hereby demand the full and complete DISASSEMBLY of this ENTIRE United States government including ALL government departments and agencies.

        Further, all heretofore public servants/employees are to be held to full account through the thorough investigations and full disclosure to the citizenry; Immediate Indictments and Arrests; Public Trials and/or Tribunals of all former government employees, including the entire Military Industrial Apparatus; Post-haste legal proceedings and thorough prosecutions of every [former] public employee; the most severe punitive measures to be meted out to each and every one found guilty of any and all crimes; the forfeiture and lawful seizure of all ill-gotten gains; Lastly, lifetime imprisonment, exile, or public execution of any and all guilty parties as determined by the U. S. citizens’ Courts of Law and/or International Tribunals.

        Finally, We the People of the United States of America do hereby demand forthwith full retribution to be paid by all those whom are determined guilty of any and all of these most egregious crimes and henceforth, full reparations and full compensation for all citizens of the United States and all other affected citizens around the world.
        The United States government officials and those within it’s many taxpayer-funded government agencies are actively engaged in criminal conspiracy and collusion with multiple private corporations; These entities have been actively engaged in War Crimes, Bank Fraud, Embezzlement, Profiteering, Larceny, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering; Genocide; Treason.
        Many of these United States’ government officials, both elected and unelected, have broken very serious U. S. and International laws; Laws written specifically in the U.S. Constitution; Laws in which each of these officials have sworn to uphold. This is Treason.
        The United States of America and it’s many agencies’ government officials, both elected and unelected, have actively and deliberately been deceiving the American citizenry for decades; The U.S. government spokespersons and agency quislings do actively spread outright lies and deliberate misinformation; The U.S. government has been doing so for decades, particularly by an apparently highly contemplated and systematic use of corporate-controlled Mass Media, which is itself responsible for spreading Propaganda confabulated by some within the United States government and with a very specific purpose: To conceal multiple serious crimes.
        The C.I.A., the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, is a U. S. Taxpayer-funded government-sponsored Terrorist Organization that has been actively engaged in war crimes, treachery, treason, multiple foreign and domestic coups d’etat, multiple domestic and foreign assassinations, and countless myriad other strictly illegal and highly nefarious activities, many [illegal] acts conducted in total secrecy and without the knowledge nor the consent of the Taxpaying citizens of the United States.
        We the People of the United States do hereby demand full accountability from each of our government officials; We demand full and rigorous investigations and thorough prosecutions, whether in a newly-formed newly-instituted U.S. Court of Law or in an International Tribunal a la NUREMBERG; And, finally, We the People of the United States of America do hereby demand full retribution paid by those whom are found guilty of their crimes in the form of severe punitive measures and full global reparations for all citizens of the United States and all affected citizens of the world.

        • Christina, seems like that’s a pretty accurate summary of government crimes that you presented. And I agree, our government as it exists now and has existed for the better part of time since its founding, does indeed need to be dismantled. To dismantle something, though, that’s been in operation for over a couple of centuries will not be able to occur suddenly. The process of dismantling will need to occur incrementally over time that will probably be several decades in length. To suddenly dismantle our government that has become ubiquitously corrupt and has taken on the color of the enemy, will just produce more chaos that we will have to overcome. I think there’s a bunch of things that need to occur before the dismantling begins and certainly one of those things that is primary is for “we the people” to take a hard and honest look at our relationship with our government since its founding and collectively gain an all encompassing conceptual understanding of how it all went so wrong. The process of gaining this conceptual understanding would, of course, be ongoing throughout the dismantling process. And as the scope of our understanding what happened and how, we can apply what we’re learning to the replacement government we’re constructing.

          You write, “…acts conducted in total secrecy and without the knowledge nor the consent of the Taxpaying citizens of the United States.” I disagree the ‘without the consent of the Taxpaying citizens’ part. By continuing to pay taxes to our government while knowing that our government is doing all the horrific things you delineated, we the people (the ones paying taxes) are not only giving our consent, we are giving our approval.

          There is no one that does not bear some degree of responsibility (cause) in making our government to be the kind of government it is and operate in the manner it does.

          • The indoctrination from cradle to grave in public school and doubled down in colleges makes for difficulty ascertaining the truth. When you are taught to TRUST teachers, schools and doctors all one’s life, and given up by your own parents to be “educated” by the government as soon as you are born, it is not quite accurate to say, if not knowing the truth ever, that we all bear the same kinds of responsibility.
            Well, put Common Core together with psychiatry and psychology MK ULTRA trauma based mind control and then what?
            See the push for mental “health?” Boy what a set up for those who were not schooled in God, the Bible and Christ.
            Horrible indeed.

        • Christina, the human mind cannot distinguish between what is false and what is true. This is me paraphrasing what the late Dr. David R. Hawkins said in one of his lectures. If you aren’t familiar with the work of Dr. Hawkins I encourage you to explore it and see if it’s of any use to you. There’s many of his lectures available on YT.

          If the statement, ‘the human mind cannot distinguish between what is false and what is true.’ is indeed true, that opens up a whole new pathway into a higher realm of awareness where we might possibly be able to come to an honest understanding (as opposed to a misunderstanding) that explains why anything is in the state it is in.

          • The only people that cannot be brainwashed are those versed in the Holy Bible, the Christians. Because that is the Truth.
            Our world is doomed.

    • JimB, thanks for the broader explanation of Robin Sage. I had never heard of it before. I looked it up to see when it started. It was 1974. Source:,Copyright%202022%20Nexstar%20Media%20Inc.
      I would suppose that Infowars knew this about Robin Sage too. If indeed they did, why not include this decades long history of Robin Sage in their video? I think the answer to that is obvious, and it’s beyond disappointing.

    • We’ll ignore the clickbait-ness of this posting to try to make a point:

      The Vietnam War-era draft leading to “fragging” becoming a not-uncommon occurrence led to the U.S. military-industrial complex abandoning those tasty profits to retool with the “New! Improved! All Volunteer Military!” (which was actually a “poverty draft” but – since warring would no longer impact the middle class – “no one that matters” was going to be marching in protest), which has a good run, but if the U.S. military leadership imagines that U.S. soldiers will EVER fire on U.S. citizens, I believe they are going to get a refresher course on “you can only lead where your troops are willing to go”. The policing will have to be done by police and will only find acquiescence in the major (blue) cities. They need a Plan B.

    • Just because RS has been a regular thing doesn’t mean it wasn’t nefarious from the very beginning. We are learning regularly about the control we’ve been under from the globalist operators and most of their design comes with programming and that goes even beyond the 70’s. Let’s keep open minds about all we are coming to learn and maybe seeing it with different eyes.

      • AliceinW, you write: “Just because RS has been a regular thing doesn’t mean it wasn’t nefarious from the very beginning.” A point well made! It is one more thing for us to explore. I must say, though, that the producer of the video didn’t do their audience any favors by omitting to inform us that this particular military exercise had been going on since 1974, A fact that I would expect them to know. By omitting this historical information re the RS they, whether intentional or unintentional, engender fear by allowing the audience to interpret that the RS is something new. This is especially so considering the current state of affairs and how anxious and perplexed people are in general.

        You also write, “Let’s keep open minds about all we are coming to learn and maybe seeing it with different eyes.” I couldn’t agree more! Indeed, perhaps we, not just for our own sake, but also for the sake of those we are connected to both directly and indirectly, should all learn how to start wearing the hat of an investigative journalist.

        We are being constantly bombarded with an almost overwhelming amount of information. Much of this information that is thrust in our face, in one manner or another, comes to us pre-evaluated or, maybe it would be more accurate to say pre-interpreted. That is to say, that it comes tagged as being good, bad, interesting, important, useful, funny and so on and so forth. And many times we don’t bother to stop and evaluate the information we are getting for ourselves. Instead, we just accept what is labeled on the tag it comes with. IMO, I believe this was no accident. It was one of the primary objectives of our schooling, aka indoctrination, aka programming, aka training, aka education. While this approach is admittedly much easier and far less time consuming than doing a personal evaluation of data, it has become an empirical fact that it’s not now and has not in the past served our best interests. Being incrementally maneuvered into the habit of just accepting data as-is without personal inspection and query has served to set us up to be brainwashed without ever realizing it.

        Regarding the current state of personal data evaluation, I would like to suggest asking five questions of any data we receive, through whatever means, and from whatever source.

        Does the information being received contain all the facts needed to make an accurate evaluation?
        Is the sequence of events expressed in the information in their correct sequence?
        Is time noted in the information and if it is, is it the correct time?
        Is there any contradiction or falsehood noted in the information?
        Is the particular information that is being emphasized as being important or being not important actually so?

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