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    NY Post

    President Biden sent or received up to 82,000 pages worth of private emails while serving as Barack Obama’s vice president, the National Archives disclosed late Monday as part of a lawsuit brought by a conservative organization. NY Post reporter Josh Christenson breaks down this story.

    The Archives revealed that the trove of correspondence spanned all eight years of Biden’s vice presidency and included messages to or from three shadow email addresses: “,” “” and “,” according to a joint filing with the Georgia-based Southeastern Legal Foundation.

    “The fact that as vice-president, Joe Biden sent 82,000 pages of emails from alias email addresses is shocking,” Southeastern Legal Foundation General Counsel Kimberly Hermann told The Post.

    “The American public has a right to know what is in those emails. SLF remains hopeful that now that we have confirmed that the emails exist, NARA will fulfill its legal obligation and produce them in a timely and transparent manner.”

    It is unclear what topics are covered in most of the emails or who else was looped in on the messages.

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