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In a mirror of the 2016 presidential election, we’re seeing a massive October Surprise relating to the Democrat candidate. Instead of WikiLeaks, in 2020, we have Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” leaking from several sources:

1. Obtained from the Mac repair shop in Delaware;

2. Delivered by the CCP’s Jiang faction to the DOJ and

3. Being released by Miles Guo on his websites, and

In addition, we have evidence corroborating all of the above in the form of emails, documents and testimonies from the Bidens’ former business partners, Tony Bobulinski and Bevan Cooney.

Examining Bevan Cooney’s massive data dump is Matthew Tyrmand, who works with Peter Schweizer, author of ‘Clinton Cash’ and ‘Profiles in Corruption’ and at Creative Destruction Media.

He and CD Media Founder, L Todd Wood join Steve Bannon, Jack Maxey and Noah Benjamin on the War Room to discuss the Biden Crime Family Syndicate.


STEVE BANNON: This is organized, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is just not a guy meeting a guy and having a cup of coffee and “Let’s do deals.” This is organized, thought-through, it has a strategic goal to it.

Remember, the Chinese have been doing this for 5,000 years. It’s called turning these countries into tributary states. Now, they’ve taken the British East India Company model and perfected it…and that is based upon a central concept…called “elite capture”. You capture the elites, you make them your partners, your junior partners. Then they run the whole thing…

So, Matthew, I want to go back to you. BHR-Bohai is the private equity fund, that’s the one Schweizer identified in ‘Secret Empires’, back in ’17. It’s up $1.5 billion but as Jack Maxey has brought up, it’s so much bigger than that. It’s got other partners, other limiteds and the level of deals they’ve done is extraordinary. But they had an idea. The idea was…the CCP was going to use this, in relationship with Joe Biden, to basically span the world, do deals with these Americans.

Walk us through it.

MATTHEW TYRMAND: Sure, well, in short, the Biden Family Crime Syndicate; that’s Biden, that’s [Devon] Archer, that’s Joe, that’s their entire political network and all the capital they’ve built in DC for decades; that’s John Kerry and Senate Foreign Relations and then Secretary of State.

These guys knowingly aided and abetted the CCP’s economic imperialism play to weaken in the USA and the West.

We talk about Huawei as a back door into Intel networks, as the telco giant during a 5G build-out, an arms race going on, globally, where the CCP subsidized them and delivered cheaper products.

Well, this is what these guys were helping do, across SinoPac. You know, a major energy company, $60 billion market cap on the New York Stock Exchange. They did not need to do a billion or $700 million – whatever number they settled on – raise in the West. They did that to get into the West; to build those networks, to build-out their long-term plans, with One Belt One Road, to economically imperialize the developed market world, in Europe, in the US.

These guys, BHR-Bohai Harvest, which you know [was] $1.5 billion from the CCP-connected business apparatchiks, they had a mandate to go out there and basically lobby, without FARA registration. They were representing CCP businesses, state-owned enterprises. These are not free-market, competitive players.

And one of the coups they did – and by the way, they got a billion and a half dollars signed and Max Backus, Obama’s Ambassador to Beijing, former Senator of Montana, friends with Devon Archer, Montanan, as well, connected to Kerry and to Biden – they signed that deal in his office.

And they created a coup. They got a big company that the Chinese wanted. They got Henniges Automotive in Michigan, a manufacturer that made both OEM car parts but also military parts. So it was a strategic play and it needed an approval from a Congressional panel, just like Hillary Clinton needed to approve Uranium One before that was sold indirectly to Rosatom, the Russian nuclear giant and there was a huge scandal over that and backdoor pay.

Well here, they were doing the same thing. They were lobbying to get that $600 million deal done. They do a victory lap. Who owns it now? AVIC, a military umbrella group for aviation contractors for the CCP.

This is really National Security-implicating stuff. This is very dangerous and they were lobbying without FARA registration to get these kind of things done, the economic imperialism of the CCP…

L TODD WOOD: Joe Biden’s running around with his granddaughter but he sold-out his granddaughter. He sold out his whole family. And what did Obama know, you know? Obama told Joe not to run. So, why? Maybe he knew what was going on…

STEVE BANNON: You think Brennan or anybody told him about it, yes or no?

L TODD WOOD: I’ve seen what’s going on in Ukraine and I’ve seen the corruption throughout the State Department, the CIA,  the FBI, all of it. And there’s no way Obama could not know what was happening.

STEVE BANNON: I mean, that somehow, in these years, that somebody had to know about it. Jack Maxey, you’ve got a pensive look on your face. What do you think?

JACK MAXEY: Well as “Fat” has said, there’s no way that our Signals Intelligence, there’s no way our CIA, our DIA or FBI was not in some way aware about this. Now, they may have had their reasons for not moving forward. You know, it could turn out that Hunter Biden is the greatest CIA agent in history and is going to collapse the Democratic Party and the CCP, as a result of his covert efforts but I don’t think so.

One thing that I want to say that is very important about that Bohai Harvest deal and they bought that Henniges Automotive, out in Detroit…they describe, in their annual meeting notes from March of 2018, 2019 that we’ve put up online, that they are going to have a real trouble going forward because all of the European countries are onto them…

They tried to buy something called MinMetals Corporation…then they also tried to buy a company in Sweden that had this vacuum technology and another company in Germany that had lenses for military uses. All three of those countries denied the sale on national security purposes. Two of them, they’re both NATO allies…so, if they denied it on intelligence reasons, guess what? They shared that intelligence with us and we kept playing the game…[in other words, the CCP would have owned those European defense technology companies the way they now own Henniges].

STEVE BANNON: Huge…This is a crime syndicate that has an internal business logic to it. These are just not random events. Tyrmand, where’s your reporting going?

MATTHEW TYRMAND: Well, you know, I like to use primary source material and get very in the weeds and detailed, so we got a big report on Todd’s website at CD Media and it links to a Scribd account that I put up, where I put the emails, I put the PowerPoints, I put up press releases. So, we got primary source material. Don’t take my word for it, go look through their marketing materials and their language.

They’re classic CCP, they’re building “social capital” which is a buzzword for political capital. They did not need fungible cash, equity capital, they were looking for influence, they were doing it without lobbying disclosures, by using the Biden Crime Family Syndicate. It’s all in the report.

We got more reports coming. Go to, go to my Scribd, where I’m going to continue to put up emails and primary source document material. Go to my Twitter, at m-a-t-t-h-e-w-t-y-r-m-a-n-d.

STEVE BANNON: Todd, you got a Twitter handle and how do people get to Creative Destruction Media?

L TODD WOODS: We’ve been completely de-platformed. We lost eight Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, Stripe, PayPal, all of it. is the best way to find our material. It goes to the directly to the website.

STEVE BANNON: What did you do to get de-platformed or should I not ask, because we’ll get the platformed, even by asking?

L TODD WOODS: We broke…the story in Ukraine is that Biden was helping Poroshenko launder hundreds of millions of dollars of American aid through the Central Bank of Ukraine. I mean, that hasn’t even come out yet. It came out through us.

STEVE BANNON: Todd, thank you. Very fantastic. Matthew Tyrmand, we’ll have you on, hopefully Monday, Matthew, find out where poor Bevan [Cooney] is.

MATTHEW TYRMAND: Yeah, I’ll have some updates on that. Have some calls today and tomorrow about it.

STEVE BANNON: It’s interesting, when a top witness all of sudden goes into the bowels of the Bureau of Prisons. Can’t find him. Everybody could get to him until all sudden, he became part a witness in the Biden Crime Family before the Election.

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  • A male friend born back in 1920 told me this story: I grew up on a farm and had chores to do. One afternoon my dad asked why hadn’t I done my chores? I explained that my teacher had given us homework to do. My dad said, “This is a farm. You have to do the chores. I’ll have a talk with your teacher. While I’m gone you do the chores. Then, go catch two 18 inch fish from our pond. Fix dinner with one of the fish. Stake out the other fish on a board and staple some chicken wire around it so the animals can’t get to it.”
    “Why pop?” I asked. He just looked at me, and I said no more.
    At diner, pop said, “Thank you for this wonderful dinner. I want you to look at that other fish you have outside, and report back to me what you see every day.” He had gone to talk to my teacher and told her to never send homework home with me, that it interfered with my chores. And if she did, he said, he would take be out of school and home teach me. After all, he thought, she already sees more of me than he did. And he felt he could teach me better, anyway.
    On the first day I saw flies. The next day there were more flies. Then the head started getting mushy. Next I saw maggots and more maggots until the flesh was rotting from the head towards the tail.
    It was then my father told me. “Son our country is like that fish full of maggots. It begins rotting from the head and works it’s way towards the tale and it takes about 200 years.”

    by Kermit Merrelles as re-told my Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

    • Unfortunately, the paedophile rotten ‘Elite’ eat our young children in an attempt to stop their decay.

      God willing, P Trump will be re-elected and finish his determination to drain the swamp were the rotten fish still swim.

      Those that need punishing the most are the rotten MSM. Had they not been so subservient to the ‘Evil’ forces and had relayed the truth in the spirit of true journalism, societies across the world would not haplessly vote ‘Evil’ entities like Biden, Clinton and Bush etc., to represent them.

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