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After seeing The Truth Factory’s video about how CO2 emissions are beneficial to the environment, this interview with Deborah Tavares on the SGT Report is all the more jarring.

“What I find horrific is the enormity of the PsyOp,” she says. “This is a mind-controlled, trauma-based destructive campaign.”

Officials are telling everyone that Climate Change is the cause of the California fires. Tavares says that in reality, it’s an aggressive roll-out of UN Agenda 2030 aka the Green New Deal, to move populations out of the WUI, Wildland-Urban Interface areas and to ban the future sale of passenger vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

It may not be too difficult, as homeowners find that no one will insure homes in these areas.

“The wild lands network is the biodiversity treaty mandated by the United Nations. As I said, it is a climate action plan, controlling all people, property, restrictions, regulations implementing fines, penalties, conservation segments and to reduce CO2 emissions or aka greenhouse gas emissions here, in Sonoma County 25% below 1990 levels…

“What is occurring is a restriction of all resource consumption above what is needed to supply ‘vital human needs’. And that restriction is saying, ‘Anything above vital human needs is immoral and that the human population must be reduced.'”

So much of what Tavares says here is shocking but it is backed by UN and other government agency documents. About a dozen countries and about 20 cities around the world, including Los Angeles have pledged to ban cars powered by gasoline and Diesel within the next five to ten years, in favor of electric-powered cars.

“In other words, the utilities are taking over all fuel, all transportation fuels, eliminating Diesel and petrol and what they call ‘fossil fuel’, which we know never came from dead dinosaurs…it’s transitioning to only-electric, hence the reason for the global deployment of Smart Meters.

“Our utilities are going to control all fuel for all US electric vehicles, as I’ve just said, including the requirement for trucks and all commercial vehicles to transition into electric, so we have that as an enormous component of what is occurring right now being approved at the California Public Utility Commission that is a Rothschild-organized commission, as well…

“Whatever the name of your utility company is, wherever you are, this is a global occupation; a takeover of your utilities and centralizing it to electricity-only…

“They say that we need to replace all those forms of energy with wind and solar, which I think currently accounts for less than 10%, I think of our current forms of energy. How, by 2030 are wind and solar are going to replace all those other forms of energy? They’re not. The answer is they’re not.”

The statements Tavares makes which are less easy to substantiate involve weaponized weather and the use of Directed Energy Weapons to start these fires. Although such technologies do exist, could it really be that they are being used against innocent civilians?

Host, Sean thinks so: “I think this is a breakaway Deep State. I think that there’s a Deep State government that has seized control and if you’re being chemtrailed heavily and you’re being subject to DEWs directed-energy weapons systems in California, I think there’s a Deep State, secondary government, a hidden shadow government responsible for that, that usurps the current form of government.”

There are so many more details covered here. I highly recommend that you listen to the entire show. Many claims sound overblown so I wouldn’t ask you to believe everything but I do think it’s worth having such information in the back of your mind as you watch this agenda unfold over the next few years.

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  • What Debra Tavares says is mostly correct. I live in California and we once had crazy arsonists, now we have the arsonist power company. Lose your house in a fire and face a nearly impossible set of new regulations that will keep you out of your house indefinitely. I despise the Chem trails and they do cause incineration but I don’t think they are that successful with the weather. It’s not going to get warmer and warmer but colder as we enter into the Grand Solar Minimum. It’s not the crazies spraying us, it’s also the sun. So… maybe they don’t want biodiversity as much as they want to own California, since as the weather gets colder it will be growing the crops. It might not be any more sophisticated than the usual rape of other countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. They drive us out to get our land and resources cheaper. Soros played that game, even Barach Obama passed legislation to reduce value of paid colleges so his friend could buy cheap. I think it’s called break and grab or something like that.

  • You people did this to yourself by selling the state piece by piece to the Chinese. Then voting in all these left wing nut jobs. Now with the fires, you’re committing more carbons to the atmosphere than 3 generations of driving. Blah, blah, blah greenhouse gas emissions. By the way plants live off these emissions and give us oxygen in return. By the way as you admitted, there’s no such thing as fossil fuel. Turns out Oil is a natural occurring resource.

  • It’s all about UN Agenda 21 drafted by Gro Brundtland, who was/is the president of the World Progressive (communist) Movement. Geo. H.W. Bush signed us on to Agenda 21 in June 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit run by Maurice Strong, only 6 months after Bush’s new world order speeches wherein he said “We hereby swear allegiance to the sacred principles set forth in the United Nations charter.” This has been going down for a long time. Its all about collectivism (Chinese-style communism) needed to force Agenda 21 on the world to save the world….. and it is bi-partisan in America.
    Here is the crux of the problem that nobody is talking about: Population will reach 10.8 billion by 2050; 15.8 billion by 2100. To feed it, food production must increase in the next 34 years by upwards of 100%. Water shortages are unsolvable. CO2 will rise dramatically with increased food production.
    The UN freely admits all of this for all to see…. if you choose to read their materials. In short, there is no way out of this unsustainable population vicious cycle.
    Kiss freedom goodbye.
    Overpopulation has been determined to be the ultimate problem, which has only one solution and it’s not pretty. There is nowhere to run, so if you love freedom, you’ll have to stand your ground. Good luck, Komrades.

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