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1. The Vatican receives money from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Mellon Family.

2. The Mellon Foundation also donates to the Wexner Center created by Les Wexner.

3. Les Wexner, of course is connected to Jeffery Epstein.

4. Companies connected to the Mellon family include Alcoa, Gulf Oil, Westinghouse, Rockwell and Heinz.

5. The HJ Heinz Company was created and prospered under the guidance and finances of the Mellon Family.

6. The Heinz family uses Rosemont Capital as an investment vehicle for the family.

7. Rosemont Capital has a affiliate called Rosemont Seneca Partners, formed by Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, a longtime friend of former Secretary of State John Kerry and of stepson Chris Heinz and James Bulger, the nephew of notorious Boston gangster “Whitey” Bulger. Whitey Bulger’s brother, William Bulger was a member of the Massachussetts State Senate and a major political ally of John Kerry.

8. John Kerry is married into the Heinz Family, the same Heinz family who happen to own Rosemont Capital and participate in Rosemont Seneca Partners with Biden, Archer and Bulger.

Rosemont Seneca Partners sold off US strategic assets through their Joint venture with the Chinese government, Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), which partnered with Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a Chinese Government-owned company, to purchase Henniges Automotive, a primary producer of engine vibration-dampening strategic assets, which is restricted under US National Security.

The only way the Chinese could buy out this auto firm was to get approved by the US administration in office at the time, that of Barack Obama.


George Webb suggests that we’re dealing here with crime families, in the most literal sense.

“I saw Jesse Watters saying yesterday – and Sean Hannity – “Why is Whitey Bulger in this, Guys? Why is Billy Bulger in this thing? Where did that come from? They’ve got leverage on somebody! They’re involved in the biggest China nuclear deal ever! $1.5 billion – they get the exclusive rights for trading and investing out of Shanghai Investment Authority in the United States. Goldman Sachs can’t get that, you know? Lehman Brothers, when they existed couldn’t get it! Nobody! Chase-Manhattan, Citibank – they can’t get it!

“But it’s gonna be Hunter Biden? That’s gonna be your guy that breaks the color barrier, the China barrier in America? How is Bulger getting in on this? Right?

“…These are crime families, Folks…They’re not the tail. They’re the dog.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Israel is the Nazis…the cycle of violence is just that…cyclic…their ovens are the white phosphorus munitions…they continue to burn the Palestinians…Free Palestine Free Julian Assange!!!!!

    • To Liam: The people of Israel are as much victims as the people of Palestine. Both are very much controlled by the Death Cult Cabal which are actually the nazi communists. Throuh money and technology they have ties in everyhwhere and the sionists are a part of this to create a protection racket for them. They try to escalate war and hatred. Only solution is to refuce to participate in killing no more, even if they threathen your own life.

      If you believe there is life after death, then you will no more be afraid. Or even if you are, you still act peacefully, like Gandhi did. And won.

  • No, it’s the wagging tail.. Mafia is an enforcement arm of the Holy See, who began this chart. Nobody Catholic around Boston, right? And before that, Clinton,and the gift of missile tech to them in the 90s. Some mafia have Alphabet desig-nations, others, just corporations.

    • Utter nonsense.
      The “Italian” Mafia which you have in mind was created in the 19 century as an enforcement arm of the Freemasons. To this day when the Freemasons, including the Freemasons within the American government, want to get rid of somebody, they order Mafia to do the murder.
      In the 19th century the Freemasons of Italy wanted literally to liquidate the Vatican / Catholic Church. The so-called Mafia was then the terrorist cells of Freemasons committing murder, arson, extortion and assassinations.
      After 1881 this enforcing arm of the Freemasonry branched out into doing private ‘business” of the organized crime type. The very top of the Mafia are men who sit on the boards of banks and in the government offices. They are all Freemasons. The little members of the ordinary “street” Mafia do not know this.
      Mafia can not be an enforcement arm of the Vatican because the Freemasons are sworn in to destroy the Catholic Church. The oath to do so takes place during the initiation into higher degrees of the anti-Church called Freemasonry.
      I think you somehow imbibed Calvinist-Presbyterian hateful propaganda about the Catholic Church.

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