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    I was on the phone with a private investigator friend last Friday and he got a call on the other line. It was from the family of Dan Olmsted.

    Dan Olmstead was the investigative journalist Founder/Editor of who was found dead on January 24th of what was officially called “natural causes” by the coroner – without an autopsy.

    Olmsted’s family was contacting my friend to intervene because law enforcement was preventing them from conducting an autopsy on Dan’s body, while threatening to cremate him against their wishes. They were trying to halt the cremation but according to an anonymous post I read on the Abel Danger website with conflicting details, it appears that Dan’s body may have already been cremated by the time the family reached out for help in this matter.

    Ironically or not so ironically, Olmsted had just written an article about the rash of unusual deaths among healthy and young-ish Holistic Doctors in 2016, a number that has now climbed to over 60 in less than 18 months.

    Olmsted’s death is all the more suspicious because he was scheduled to meet with Donald Trump that day, to present his evidence for a vaccine-autism link.


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    • The fact is that plutonium is a deadly poison and has been abundant in our atmosphere, poisoning us, since Fukushima. ¨Plutonium imitates iron in our bodies and attacks the central nervous system (causing retardation, Altzheimers and autism) as well as, blood cells, spontaneous abortions and infant deaths.. So there will be neurological affects from mercury/aluminium as well as plutonium.

    • The US Corporation cannot allow these “Truth Tellers” to put a damper on their Pharmaceutical monopoly! The “Corporation” protects itself at all costs at the peril of those who dare to tell the TRUTH!

      The Deep State is desperate to kill off truth warriors and preserve their sick power. Dan will be missed. All sympathy to his family. Rest in the knowledge that he was a shining star in the raging war against the mooks.

    • Big pharma is a multi-billion dollar enterprise 100% protected by the government and courts. Trump has a vaccine damaged son, Baron, and he out for justice! Mercury in medicines? Fluoride in water supply and toothpaste? GMO crops destroying out gut. GMO HFC in nearly 99% of all processed foods. You bet they killed Olmsted and the dozens of others. It this simple intimidation? A cartel sending a warning to competition? I think they are in panic mode because Forbidden Knowledge and many others have pulled back the curtain and we can now see the innards of the conspiracy.

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