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    FOI documents have been released in Australia and Dr Chris Martenson has posted this video about the data on Rumble. Peter McCullough thne posted it on TRUTHSocial with this comment:

    “Dr Chris Martenson on the ‘batch’ variability and side effects of COVID vaccines. Sloppy rushed defense contractors make the mRNA and LNP with no FDA or big pharma asssurances on biological fidelity of genetic code. Must be a product problem as opposed to all susceptibility. EUA/TGA contracts blocking inspections for quality purity contaminants are a big problem.”

    Karen Kingston re-TRUTHed it with her own comment:

    “The disabilities, injuries and deaths by batch were designed. Pfizer admits to the variations in batches in the FDA application BLA approval. This isn’t a manufacturing mess up. The injuries and deaths are intended consequences of the FDA authorizing and then approving a bioweapon. Let’s say it like it is and stop covering for the corporate criminals. Global citizens deserve the truth.”

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    • Your high energy and skill for details much appreciated. Looking forward to the next report with additional findings. Something new picked up here is that Australia (unlike the USA) is actually receiving an approved product Comarity that can be analyzed for its content. Am I understanding that correctly?

      Going down many rabbit holes by now, I find I’m still waiting for others to take into consideration that the only thing they “know” about spike proteins are what they’ve been led to believe. Batches in the USA are unknowns– anything can be in there or not. Also, I’ve picked up that it is biotech and not natural anything — just synthetics and synthetics in combinations never used in vast populations before for any purpose. So, more unknowns, right? Meaning unpredictable, right?

      So, are we going to get better info and data trails from Australia, UK and NZ because of these nations are receiving an approved drug rather than just an Emergency Use Authorization drug like in the USA?

      My other question is, since it was known these would never provide resistance and never prevent transmission, and the concerns about antibody enhancement syndrome (is that what it’s called?) AES had been evident even when the biotech was tried for vet use in cats — WHY WAS THIS CHOSEN AT ALL? What purpose does the genetic editing aspect provide for in theory? How was this idea sold to authorities?

      Also, I have a question I’m asking everywhere, and I want the Congressional hearings and the FLORIDA state investigation to cover this and find out the truth: What is the ANTIDOTE to this. If this was developed via DoD compartmentalized programs of research, who covered the antidote and what is it? Because the ruling class, the Elite, and many authorities are not having any problems. What do they get to take for C19 that we don’t know or get to use? It is about time someone asked this obvious question!

    • It is interesting ‘discovery’ but all in more or less total WHITE WASH, in my opinion. The entire crime is alone the REPROGRAMMING function of the FOREIGN, SYNTHETIC genetic material and changing the HUMAN BODY into a forceful chemical DRUG=toxic Spike factory!!! Not a single human would be SO DUMB and undergo GENE THERAPY for a seasonal flu!!! Pfizer/ModERNA covid injections DO NOT HAVE pseudo- but rather 1-methyl-3′-pseudouridylyl (Ψ), which is a HUGE difference!!! Even if every batch was 100% perfect, the SPike sequence alone is LETHAL!!! Look and count the dead EVERYWHERE!
      ANY MD who even remotely tries to suggest normal human being to undergo this toxic GENE THERAPY is a CRIMINAL. Btw. the reverse transcription of the mod mRNA into cDNA was proven to be true, thus people end up being genetically modified for their rest of their lives, once the stuff hit their stem cells. It is a crime beyond any imagination and to talk like this about it, is a farce, to say the least.
      For real science, please go to mejbcart’s newsletter on substack.

    • While grateful for the information, it’s too much information for the average bear who cannot bear it all.

      I’m on several email lists where there are two very brilliant researcher/writers, but very different styles. The one has the ability to reduce information to its basics and be done with it. The reader walks away with something useful.

      The other shares all the minutia and I never get beyond the halfway mark before my window shades start to drop. Who has the time to invest in listening to reams of minutia they neither understand nor remember?

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