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    This is a short clip from a recent address by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States 2011 to 2016.


    by Carlo Maria Viganò

    A few weeks ago, an important collaborator of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta was arrested for pedophilia and child pornography. I am referring to Slade Sohmer, a man with ties to the world of Broadway and cinema, who played a role in the effort debunk the infamous “Pizzagate affair,” that is, the network of filthy complicity and horrendous crimes against minors that revolves around the international deep state.

    We have learned that Jeffrey Epstein and most likely, Ghislaine Maxwell were members of the Israeli Mossad. This makes us understand that the famous trips of many well-known people to Epstein’s island were used to blackmail them by collecting evidence of their guilt in heinous ritual crimes against minors.

    And if the Heads of State and government officials of the Western World do not dare to breathe a word of protest against the massacres of civilians in the Gaza Strip, it is legitimate to assume that attitude this is extensive to the dossiers and videos inculpating them that are in the possession of the Israeli intelligence services.

    The same thing must have happened with the preparation of the fake pandemic emergency. It was slavishly replicated in all the member states of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations and also with the farce of the Ukrainian crisis.

    But if this blackmail of the powerful of the world constitutes the unifying element of the Globalist subversive project, we cannot help but think that the indispensable role played by the Catholic Church has been in some way forced, not only by the appointment of Bergoglio, as an enemy of the Church, placed in the very top position but by the sexual and financial scandals that have only partially emerged, due to the many prelates who are agents of the deep church.

    How can we think that a person like Theodore McCarrick, who entered the White House without the need to be announced and who continued to represent the Vatican’s diplomatic interests in China even after he was accused of being a serial predator did not enjoy the support of those powerful individuals who shared with him the most vile vices and the most heinous crimes?

    Are we to think that the partnership between the deep state and the deep church was limited to complicity in financial speculation, when a pedophile like Slade Sohmer collaborated with the Clintons and Barack Obama, all of whom were implicated in Pizzagate? Or that Bill Gates’ numerous flights to Epstein’s island, along with those with numerous actors, rulers,, bankers and VIPs have nothing to do with the network of complicity of the lavender mafia?

    From the leaked emails in the WikiLeaks case, we know that John Podesta was working on behalf of Hillary Clinton and Obama – and the globalist elite, in general – to promote a “color revolution” within the Church that was supposed to oust Benedict XVI from the papacy, elect an ultra-progressive pope and substantially modify the Catholic Magisterium by making it accept the demands of the Agenda 2030: So, gender equality, the introduction of gender ideology and LGBTQ+ doctrine, the democratization of the Church governance, collaboration in the neo-Malthusian project of the Great Reset, cooperation on immigrationism and cancel culture.

    It seems clear to me that this subversive project has found perfect realization in the appointment of Bergoglio – and I use the word “appointment” deliberately – and that it is confirmed by his consistent pattern of acts of governance and magisterial teaching, both public and private, over the course of this most inauspicious decade, an action that has, in fact carried out the wishes – the desiderata – or the rather, the mandates (the mandata), the orders of the elite, point by point, and in such a precise way as to be unequivocal.

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    • This man says all the right things, but one needs to keep in mind that he is a jesuit. Read their oath. They were formed to counter the protestant reformation and eventually destroy it. They work both sides of the fence, and even contradict themselves. Classic hegelian dialectic.

      The catholic believers don’t understand that there is no legitimate catholic church as far a being Christian. They do not follow the Bible, but their manmade traditions, and are clearly identified in Daniel and Revelation as the beast/antichrist. Protestants knew this until their church structures were infiltrated by jesuits around the turn of the 20th Century.

      If Vigano was sincere, he would leave the church and become a Christian. Being a jesuit, and a high-level on as he is, he fully knows the Bible that he is part of the beast church, and that his church violates much of what the Bible teaches by substituting their pagan traditions and rituals.

        • My apologies. I had wrong info on that. I’m usually more careful.

          I, of course, hope he is genuine, but knowing the catholic system, and that he was an insider at the vatican, I know how they use the hegelian dialectic, even against themselves, I am always wary of anything from Rome. The Bible does clearly identify them as the beast power. For those who don’t believe Christianity, this means nothing, so I understand why many only see the surface of Rome.

      • Synickel,

        All due respect, but it’s not as cut and dried as pop 20th century dispensationalist literal interpretation of scripture proposes because the scriptures are written by Hebrews whose prolific use of Hebrew picture language is symbolic and not literal. Otherwise people start talking about Eve taking a bite out of a literal apple, heaven being exclusively limited to 144,000 Hebrews and all the theatrical nonsense about literally recycling ancient Israel in temporal Palestine by military force.

        Real history, which is never taught today is that the “church” was never monolithic even though sincere men of good will worked to perfect it and make it “universal”. I’m not saying they were all good, either. The problem has always been with tares sown amongst the wheat. It is impossible to teach real history here, so I would urge you to do your own homework and examine the very problematic futurist theology more closely. I am not a preterist, in case that question has occurred to you. – JD

        • Revelation and most NT manuscripts are in Greek.

          Those who try to make the Bible occultic and esoteric make it of no use whatsoever.

          • Synickle, Greek language was merely the vehicle for transmission of Hebrew writers thoughts. They were not Greeks! Respectfully, jd

    • Vigano represents Roman Catholic family traditions. Semisecret quasi-military Jesuit society Bergoglio, masquerading as Pope Frances represents the secret state and their avant guard anti-family aspirations! Look closely, cognitively at the evidences!

      We are witnessing the 21st century version of the in-house struggle that is going on now, was even before the time of Constantine the Great. There is no new thing under the sun. Its interesting to observe that the same religious forces, ergo spiritual forces that are behind today’s struggle were then also, defining and redefining what it means to live, to love, to be human and to die.

      Until people determine to know anything other than what the secret state mouth pieces tells them, they are going to have to come to grips with reality from which there is no magical escape. It happens like a stream of water and you are in it, there is no escape short of death! Every generation lives and dies by what they believe whether true or false and that belief is demonstrated by their walk, not by their talk because all men are born liars. Kinetic warfare is an extension of the war of ideas and of spiritual warfare. Kinetic warfare is the manifestation of human failure to rightly interpret reality and to rightly proclaim it. The long furlough from participation in the struggle between good and evil we’ve been enjoying has come to an end as all things in this temporal world always do.

      Though I would not likely agree with Vigano on all points, I bless him because he is courageously, admirably on the right side of history. We must do likewise.

    • Vigano speaks powerfully, but he hasn’t yet figured out that what he calls the “deep church” is in fact the masonic counter-church of the Vatican II Sect prophesied in the Scriptures for the Last Days. He needs to accept the fact that the last six incumbents on the Chair of St Peter have all been ANTIPOPES, commencing with the Rosicrucian Angelo Roncalli, who took the name of John XXIII (the name of a previous antipope) in 1958, after the papal election was hijacked by B’nai B’rith (jewish freemasons) allied with corrupt 5th-column cardinals.

      The true Catholic Church remains largely hidden today. There has been no pope since 1958, the Vatican II Council (1962-65) was an Anti-Council, and the number of truly professing Catholics in the world may be measured in the mere thousands, not millions.

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