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    Last Tuesday, red-pilled feminist and former darling of the Liberal elite, Dr Naomi Wolf reported that her team of 3,000 researchers found a Pfizer document dump that a judge ordered released, showing that the Chinese Communist Party is manufacturing the COVID-19 vaxxines in the United States, along with the COVID pills and PCR tests.

    She reported that there was a 100% tech transfer at the end of 2021 between BioNTech and Fosun Pharmaceuticals, in Shanghai China, the latter of which is owned by a senior CCP member.

    Wolf said Fosun is currently manufacturing 1 billion doses of the so-called “vaccine”, however, their product is not being used by China.

    This followed news of widespread injuries during the clinical trials that Pfizer lied about in order to get the Death Shot approved.

    Dr Wolf declared the jabs a bioweapon unleashed by the CCP, which has already killed over one million Americans,  besides destroying our economy.

    As former BlackRock stockpicker, Ed Dowd and his insurance analyst research partner have discovered, the death benefits paid out for working Millennials in the US, between the ages of 25 and 44 skyrocketed by 40% in the second half of 2021 and during this time, the rate of people who have become disabled suddenly shot up by 3,000,000 people.

    And now we see this footage from anti-vax protesters in New York City, who entered the facility administering jabs to infants in Midtown Manhattan –only to find that it is run by Chinese nationals!

    CD Media publisher and US Air Forces Special Operations helicopter pilot, L Todd Wood has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who he says is “Working for China”.   

    He went on to write:

    We are at war with the Chinese Communist Party.

    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is aiding and abetting the enemy by forcing this bioweapon on our armed forces , in order to weaken our military for the CCP. This also goes for the senior officers colluding with Austin, forcing the vaccine on our troops.

    More than 260,000 troops stand to be discharged over this policy, reported Breitbart.

    The U.S. Army has only reached 40% of its recruitment goal for the year. No one wants to be under the vaccine mandate, which is killing and maiming soldiers.

    This is treason, plain and simple. No sane person can think otherwise. The numbers are too large.

    SecDef Austin and his colluding generals must be arrested, charged and prosecuted for treason immediately.

    This includes the leadership at the service academies involved in this plot.

    There is no time to wait.

    Kinetic war has already started.

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    • The whole WEF cabal plan is to be like China communist party. They love the way they control their people

    • So, the Chinese sneek into America and kill one million Americans, that’s more casualties than a nuclear war with China, yet nothing to see here.
      I’m not sure how many millions of Americans must die by the Chinese before America wages a real war against China.

    • The clowns let CCP own too many things under disguise while CCP isn’t directly responsible for its take over.

      They are using each other while unsuspecting herds of sheep are victimized.

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