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This film explores the world of unsuspecting, Middle American families whose boys got sucked into the pedophilia machine that is Hollywood.

This film is highly instructive to parents of children who are hitting puberty and who have dreams of stardom. It should serve as a warning to both the parents and their children, who should sit down together and watch this film.

The families interviewed here got themselves ensnared in the misplaced dreams of US pop culture and some paid the ultimate price of selling their souls, to say nothing of their bodies.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I think The people doing this are the same people who are promoting it for decades now and practicing it for centuries . They are the same ones who control the media ,Hollywood, the banking system,most religions, the big corporations, arms manufacturing and sales, the music industry ,Our government politicians and many others , Food ,drink ,big pharma, legal and illegal drug business ,alcohol, tobacco,education and on and on and on and on. Pull your heads out and see and realize what is going on in the world and who is behind it .They have made laws to protect themselves from even the mention of their lies, frauds ,thefts ,crimes, and guilt, they’re called hate crimes and we are not suppose to prove them liars by law but it’s damn hard not to when you know who they are and what they’ve done. We are not children anymore, wake up and take a stand for once.
    This is not for children under 10 yrs old or adults who have a 10 yr old mentality or less.
    By their fruits you shall know them

  • Whatever price one puts on their soul, the Devil has the necessary funds, after all, the worlds bankers all work for him.

  • T.Y. T.Y….in the 70s I and my talent were raised there..several family membrrs worked there. At 16 I hitchiked away.m.I.a. the next 5 years….since then ive never had t.v. and never returned to that city…so many friends everywhere ive been are survivors …..we help each other…I kept my talents still hidden..musically…this is a tremendous film and im so proud of all of you.. a tidal wave over that place is all I see. As bob marley sang……total desruction the only solution……ive had a beautiful n healthy life. Yet this reality doesnt go away..and I dedicate my time on earth to keep talking and creating a different world for loving people. So we can laugh n cry same time. As justice prevails. Dont look at thier shit on tv ever again for starters..keep talking and youll see who people really are by how they respond….move on…come visit us here in bisbee az because many of these folks are moving here to escape…and we like to defend sacred ground…so…thx again. Be safe!!!

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