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    I had a lot of fun during my first appearance on Dark Journalist in 4 years!

    Daniel Liszt and I talked about all things Hunter Biden, Project Monarch sex slave programming, Ukraine and the New World Order.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alexandra – Both you and Daniel have good chemistry together that makes your interview flow very smoothly. Daniel has that same chemistry with his frequent guests Dr. Ferrell and Gigi and his program director Olivia. It would be nice to see you two do more interviews together.

      • That’s because DJ is a friend. We’ve been talking about doing a show soon but I’ve been so busy.

    • I’ve been on the Forbidden Knowledge E-mail list for a while and I’ve read a lot of good information here. It’s good to finally hear from the person responsible. Thank You 💗

    • Really loved this interview. Both of you look great, and the topics were fascinating. What a creep Joe B is and Hunter…hmm. Kamala’s laughs like a hyena. I’d rather have her than Joe. Can’t she stop the laughing gas attacks through behavior mod? So… the looking glass thing is interesting but I haven’t a clue. It makes sense to me that there are multi-dimensional universes interconnected vibrationally. It seems though that the invisible grid would have some visible recognizable aspect–as they say order out of chaos like a swarm of bees. A false flag in New York or a scientist in Asia shouldn’t have global effect. I guess I believe in the power of individual free will-that no matter what the circumstances there is a way through virtue, and strength of spirit to change a negative fate. So that’s my opinion.

    • United Nations have No power. The World Health Organization has No power.
      The Power is in The People, always has been.
      Stop giving it away & Stand up and Stop Complying

    • Alexandra I really enjoyed this interview between you and Daniel Liszt. You need to do more of these together. The interactions and free flow of thought between the two of you brought out many intriguing pearls of wisdom that I wasn’t aware of. I have been following the Dark Journalist and your Forbidden Knowledge for years and have recommended both to all my friends and family. I had a chance to review Kerry Cassidy’s Looking Glass interview with Bill Wood again and now after what has been going on for the past two years am convinced the he is credible. He had narrowed it down to two timeline scenarios. Timeline 2 was a catastrophic worldwide destruction driving people that survived into underground DUMBS with only a few people surviving on the surface. Timeline 1 will be the ascension enlightenment of mankind to a higher frequency with peace. He believed that Timeline 1 would occur and so do I.

    • Wow! This was a mind-blowing and spine-chilling discussion! Excellent questions with answers confirming my own theories covering a plethora of out of the box alleged “conspiracies”. You make an electrifying team in bringing the truth! Thank you!

      Just wondering…….about the possible threat like Planet X, pole shift, etc……….hasn’t some mysterious cataclysm already happened just 150 years ago in T@rt@ri@??? Why is this not taught in schools? Why did Putin recently open the archives on this to the public? Mud flood or DEW? Who did that? Where did the people disappear to? Are we offspring of the survivors who still need to be eliminated????

    • The reason why the powers that be are talking about global government/new world order in high gear, in the open, is because if you repeat it & make believe it exist, it will. Look at Joe Biden’s (fake) presidency.
      I love a recent interview with Mike Harris on Sarah Westhall. This guy has the good old fashion brass “Take em out to the woodshed” attitude. Mike Harris is known for his writings of The Khazarian Mafia over 10 years ago. He wrote for Veterans Today.

    • I have subscribed to Forbidden Knowledge about 50 times and to this day I do not get anything in my email. It is not in SPAM either.

    • The American-Russian Alliance of 1858, Russia has always honored. It is the corrupt “Governmental Services Corps.” that have caused chaos for America and the rest of the world. The US Supreme Court has ruled in the past that US, U.S. or United States denotes the District of Columbia…go figure. These are foreign corporations in the business of providing services as stipulated by their respective constitutions, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States which are power sharing agreements. So, USA Inc. is chartered by the British Crown Corp and US Inc. is the Popes Corporation, territorial and municipal entities respectively. There is a third constitution, the Constitution for the united States of America, so the 1787 Constitution (American), 1789 Constitution (Territorial) and 1790 Constitution (Municipal) and this is where most get lost or do not understand what happened in the past because it has been occulted from most. The Confederate States, both north and south, which are business organizations for the Federation of States are the ones that went to war (mercenary conflict) during that conflict. Lots of re-learning to be done for those that wish to know the Truth about why we are in this situation. Between the Corporations, NGO’s, Institutions, Banks and Foundations you can see the tangled web they have woven. Thanks for your candor and research to both of you, you are on point on many issues you bring to the forefront. PS- If you declare yourself to be an American on the public record (not a citizen of any stripe) then you regain you sovereignty, keep digging and reading.

      • Very good Alberto.
        The legalities are greatly misunderstood by most.
        We all need to find the way to solve the criminal effort by the deep state players that have sold the US. As a Native American Indian I am deeply saddened by the evil and the lack of justice regarding the constitution that is supposed to rule the land.

    • More deep state bullshite deception to make us believe that they have more power and knowledge just as the Nazi SS did to their own populace in order to deceive them into believing that NAZI government had more knowledge and capability than they possessed. The deep state is in reality working for the Elite banking families which have sought after ruling the whole world.
      He that has the GOLD RULES and always have until destroyed.

    • If the United States is at war on its homeland the government at that time stays in power ,2022-2024 would be closed down, is that theer plan??

    • CV19 is has turned into the Bird Flu agenda!
      They’re going after our animal protein food supply! They’re trying to push their Fake Meat products! Gates is funding this agenda! He owns the most farm land in the USA!
      The next Lockdown will be The Avian Bird Flu agenda!!! Gates warned us two years ago!

      • Idk..Gates is talking about SMALLPOX for which he has a brand spanking new vaccine.. I’d watch for that!Sometimes these high IQ perps are not very smart but have clever plans👹

    • Hunter is seeking REVENGE ON DADDY!!
      And why not? After an entire lifetime of abuse and witnessing other abuses in family members, why wouldn’t he get REVENGE???
      Ask yourself what would you do if you were Hunter???🤔

    • Fascinating and far reaching interview, so glad I am on your list. Some amazing times we live in and to be among those who are learning just how strange and horrifying our real history is and who the players are. Secrets revealed is here and you are doing wonderful work to pull back the curtain for so many. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

    • Great interview.
      Alexandra you do have your pulse on the what is going on in this world today. Keep digging there is much more. Good on you and thank you.
      You made a comment that you are ahead of the so called curve on events in this day and age as we say and I would suggest that that is not a coincidence. So one question I would ask if I where you is “Why I am here at this time in this world?” I believe that we are not simply bodies that live and die, like a bug, but there is always a bigger and deeper picture for each of us for sure and what that bigger picture is for each of us to find out. I think they call that a journey. Thank you.

    • The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the Correct Court for war crime litigants, unless the Defendants are American, in which case they deserve a fair and fast pardon by any black females at SCOTUS. Global Emergencies have got to have time limitations.

    • This was a enjoyable interview for me to watch. I enjoy both DJ and your work and it was nice to have you both together here. Thanks for your work and great effort in getting truth out there for the masses who hunger for it.

    • I am also concerned that focusing too much on the looking glass predictions might actually help the bad things to come about. I researched it and supposedly the energy from this object could be what brings about the people’s demise. If we are using it when the cosmic shift happens it could be too much energy at one time and have a negative effect on us. On the other hand it could be helpful to be aware of these dates but it needs to be put away at some point.

    • I don’t like too much of either wings (and f**k politics) though appriciate most of the stuff you share.

    • I appreciate this and it’s great to know more about you chica. You are very attractive as are so many truth seekers and truth tellers, not the reason I am here but that is how God rolls. I love this platform!

    • Thank you for all of your revelatory efforts. Great interview on DJ’s channel. I understand your commentary about the troubles about being ahead of curve. “prophet not welcome in their home town” stuff. For my part, I like to spread a wide fishing net to capture important information such as yours and DJ’s. Then I work with all of it to inform my Calendar Novel series. I am currently writing the 4th book and am delving into the timeline wars. So thank you!

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