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    The Amazon Alexa Artificial Intelligence program scours the internet for answers to your questions and currently, when asked who will win the 2024 Election, Alexa replies, “The 2024 Election will not take place. There will be no winner. War Powers Resolution of 1973 or War Powers Act will be invoked due to the Act of War war with Russia and China. Once invoked, the standing power will retain and remain in power.”

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    • DO NOT use ALEXA or any other similar sort of spy devices that stores your voice in its cloud server.
      Throw all of them into fire.

    • Oh, the Gloomy-Doomy Bullshit just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn’t it?
      Even if we are infested with many “We Don’t Do That” cowards, doesn’t it matter to anyone that we outnumber the Enemy Within almost 2 to 1? Are all of our millions of firearms suitable only for shooting the poor Whitetail deer or rusting over the fireplace mantle?
      When you consider the nature of a “Civil War”, it becomes apparent that millions on both sides can expect to die, but that is a small price to pay for Liberty. The First American Civil War netted a combined 620,000 casualties on both sides, but they didn’t have 30-round magazines.
      We need to make them remember and yearn for the olden days before Dominion when we had honest Elections. All these Anti-American things are happening to our country only because we are allowing them to. I really is that simple. “Ghosts of the Civil War” are in reality only formless ghosts.

    • when I recently asked Alexa if Bezos was involved in MAUI fires IT RESPONDED : YES!
      Didn’t ask about Oprah. Please do some inspection in case you have one of those clowns in your house…

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