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NEW: Former FBI / CIA employee says approx 20 undercover agents in J6 crowd, boasts about taking away Alex Jones’ money: Sound Investigations

by Thomas Stevenson

An undercover video from Sound Investigations reveals former FBI employee and contracting CIA officer, Gavin O’Blennis claiming that there were at least 20 FBI agents in the J6 crowd. O’Blennis also revealed that the agency was behind the lawsuit brought by Sandy Hook families against Alex Jones. In the end, he said, the agency got what it wanted: to “take all his money.”

The new report from Sound Investigations is with O’Blennis was recorded on March 15, 22, and 28. O’Blennis told the undercover journalist that he had been an employee with the FBI and that he is a contracting officer for the CIA. His LinkedIn profile says he has been with DHS since December 2022.

O’Blennis explained that his job is to work on contracts between the CIA and other agencies. When it came to his former role with the FBI, he indicated that he had worked in surveillance vans.

O’Blennis told the undercover journalist that FBI agents are always present in crowds during protests in the nation’s capitol.

“I mean, I’m talking they maybe had 20 [agents]. You needed 1,000 to get rid of that crowd,” O’Blennis said. He also told the journalist that after the incident the FBI did not want anyone to know that they had agents in the crowd. When asked if people would find out about the agents O’Blennis said, “Nope, and they probably never will.” He said he personally knew agents that were present on J6.

The undercover journalist asked O’Blennis about the FBI’s involvement with the defamation case against Alex Jones.

O’Blennis said that the agency “can put anyone in jail.”

When the undercover journalist asked if the agency could put pro-lifers in jail “whenever they want,” O’Blennis replied, “You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do.”

“How?” The Sound Investigations reporter asked.

O’Blennis simply replied, “You set them up. You create the situation where they have no choice but to act on their impulse. And once they act on that impulse—some would call that entrapment, its a fine line.” When asked if the FBI practices entrapment a lot, O’Blennis replied, “We get really close.”

“We get as close as we can without doing it,” he added, and then said the FBI calls it a “nudge.”

The former FBI employee said that the agency will put a “fake post” up in order to “trigger” someone on social media to get a desired reaction. He added that once they get to this point they “already know your history” and “know everything about you.”

When asked if this could lead to a “rally” by the journalist, the former FBI employee said “sometimes” it could occur.

O’Blennis said the FBI was “after [Alex Jones] hardcore” but not anymore “because he is broke” after Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit. He said the agency wanted to shut Jobes up and they succeeded.

“And the goal with him was what? Just to bankrupt him?” Sound Investigations asked.

O’Blennis replied, “Uh, pretty much, and we let the [Sandy Hook] families do it.”

“We don’t encourage people,” the employee clarified, “we just say, ‘There’s no federal statute being broken, but you do have the option for a civil case. And it’s a pretty good case in our opinion.'”

Sound Investigations asked if the FBI would “encourage” other civil cases.

“Yeah, Like, there’s nothing federally—federal law that we can do. But civilly you can go at him that way,” O’Blennis said.

“Basically, the citizens did your job?” Sound Investigstions asked.

“Yeah,” O’Blennis replied.

Alex Jones was ordered to pay $1.5 billion to the Sandy Hook families in an initial ruling but then settled to pay the families $85 million over the course of 10 years for the defamation case. He had initially said that the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a hoax, though he later recanted and apologized.

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  • when uninformed half truther AJ stood down on the sandy hoax op over the massive illegal lawfare steamrolling he got to his show biz cutout side show to stop the hemorrhaging from the state sponsored money grubbing fake families . the PTB didn’t want him in jail this was a warning shot to all the other squawking roosters to stay in their lane of allowed conspiracies to babble their distorted support for . some call it the truth movement but allow certain trusted ex fed agents to disengorge all the trueBS to steer the misled crowd down the rabbit hole the false flag event planners dug for the counter op to coverup the mistakes du jour whenever they spring up during the FFE’s like the boston marathon or 911 . AJ wants to go back to the court system that turned him into kibble to reclaim his shill fortune and good name LOL ! well good luck with that .

  • I will come back with my sword and shield or come home on it. We will NOT comply nor back down! Fighting the Good Fight !

    Walking Worthy cuz we are about to walk all over you. WE SEE YOU, YOU TREASONOUS DEMONICRATS. No where for you to run or hide.

    We The People Walk Worthy

    • The GrandDaddy of ISIS Queen Obama has burrowed himself at Raven Rock,
      Once Putin determined Queen Obama’s involvement (UK trip 2 days prior to Obama’s terrorists attack at the Concert Hall,) “Pute!!” has stated “Queen Obama” is now a priority military target, Russian Drones on the East Coast are used to find the target, then the ‘High Tech” non-stoppable Precision guided SuperSonic Missiles will be released (100% accuracy ytd.) will take out the target. Obama must lay low, sLo-jOe Biden must enter peace talks asap .. and agree to all Russia’s demands.
      This war has been over for 2 yrs. Only Obama’s propaganda & censorship Bogus News Network keeps 60% of the American Brain Dead believing Ukraine has a wet dream chance in hell, lead by Soros’s hand picked puppet the gay Zelensky with zero male soldiers left (1.5 million Ukrainian soldiers dead.) Ukraine has started to transgender female soldiers to create half male soldiers. Obama has been forced to bunker down early, delaying Obama’s, Soros, and puppet sLo-jOe’s destruction plans of the USSA..

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