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Yesterday afternoon, Alex Jones received a call from someone close to Tucker Carlson’s production team and was told that Tuesday night’s show was going to be a blockbuster.

This prompted Alex to have his own crew work after hours so that they could livestream Tucker’s show with his own commentary, being that Fox and YouTube had suppressed his reporting from the night before.

However, Alex’s livestream fizzled live on-air, because Tucker did NOT put out any massive blockbuster revelations on Tuesday.

The consensus now among journalists, ranging from Sharyl Attkisson to Alex Jones is that Tucker was stopped from doing what he was going to do under pressure from his employers at Fox News.

Sharyl tweeted, “Did Fox and Tucker Carlson show more of the January 6 videos as promised or did they change the programming after threats and pressure to do so?

“I don’t have inside info but Tucker’s program looked as if they dropped the Jan. 6 videos they’d planned and promised, moved up the “reaction” segments they were going to do later in the program, and then dropped the topic of Jan. 6 entirely. What do you think?

“From what I can gather, the plan to air more January 6 tapes on Fox tonight… changed. That must have been some battle behind the scenes. But it should be addressed explicitly on the program rather than just pretending to ignore it.”

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  • Smuck Shroomer made the call to head of FOX to force TRUTHER Tucker to drop the anchor on the good ship ” J6 videothon” or consequences for paid up and future media BAG money would come to a screaming halt. The FOX knows where there butter comes from so the bread crumbs are all we will get and Tucker learns to keep his nose buried in less juicy cracks in the wall of silence.

  • Making good friends with Infowars (controlled shill) and Fox News (a mainstream) in order to bring up another fear mongering show for people to waste time with eh?
    (I mean some things they mention are true, I admit; however, most other stuff is full of **** almost looking like trying to make us forget about real source of the problem.
    whelp why not? Have they not gotten the same fund raiser?

    • O well, while being mostly bulls*ht, there’s still some piece of truth.
      You’ve got to keep on collecting pieces from many places, and don’t waste too much time on each.

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