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    Since 2021, more than 6 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the Southern Border. That is more than the populations of 30 American states and more than the combined populations of Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota Idaho and Montana, combined.

    This investigation by proves that the collapse of the United States Southern border is the result of deliberate planning by government and non-government entities. This story takes place inside the Darian Gap, the artery connecting North and South America, where the mass migration pipeline to the United States begins.

    To put it simply, migrants who cannot fly into any North American country first fly into South America, most frequently, Quito Ecuador, due to its easy entry requirements.

    From Ecuador, the migrants cross into Colombia and then Trek across the Darian Gap, a lawless section of jungle where migrants are frequently raped robbed or killed. Those who make it across the jungle find themselves in Panama. This is where our story begins.


    Immediately after migrants enter the camp, they are processed by Panamanian authorities and catered to by various international government and non-government organizations. A few on the scene include OIM, Red Cross, UNICEF, HIAS, European Union, Doctors Without Borders, UNHCR and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

    All of these organizations play a role in a carefully-planned mass migration pipeline. Although Panama, the rest of Central America and Mexico offer safe havens where migrants can seek refuge, nearly all migrants will head to the United States. This is facilitated by the various groups mentioned earlier, who offer migrants aid and instructions on how to get to the United States.

    Migrants receive various maps, detailing exactly how to trek to the US border. This map displayed in a HIAS care facility, shows the migrant path across Panama and Costa Rica.

    In this footage, a HIAS worker can be seen explaining exactly how to cross Panama.

    A more comprehensive map is distributed by the Red Cross. This map not only shows multiple migration routes to the United States but also includes rest stops across Central America and Mexico.

    A similar map is handed out by Médicos Sin Fronteras, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

    Perhaps the most striking form of this aid is a bag, which we call a “rape kit”. It is handed out by the OIM in Colombia before migrants trek through the Darien Gap. The kit, which contains condoms and morning-after pills, allows migrants to get raped more safely in the jungle.

    Why are all these groups encouraging migrants and aiding them on this deadly journey? Why is this happening on an organized industrial scale? And why does the US border remain wide open?

    In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The agenda provides a quote-unquote “Blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.”

    At its heart are the 17 sustainable development goals. Agenda 2030 outlines a blueprint for World Socialism, stating that, we are embarking on a collective journey to build “a world free of poverty, hunger, disease and want.”

    In a related paper by the IOM, titled ‘Migration, Sustainable Development and the 2030 Agenda,’ a clear plan for mass migration of people is presented. The report begins by stating, “The 2030 Agenda recognizes migration as a core development consideration, which marks the first time migration is integrated explicitly into the global development agenda,” and further states, “It is possible to link migration to every goal in the 2030 Agenda.”

    Shockingly, the report refers to migrant men women and children as “agents of development”. Finally, the report states that, “We should not focus efforts on trying to stop migration. Facilitating, not restricting migration, is the priority.”

    It is clear that this illegal migration is, indeed being facilitated and encouraged. For example, UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children’s Fund hands out these care packages at Panamian migration camps. Notice the subtle messaging on the bag that reads, “Trust yourself you can,” encouraging the migrants to continue on their journey.

    On the back of a Red Cross map information is given about the use of freight trains for transportation. Rather than denouncing the dangerous form of transportation, migrants are told to remain seated and look out for any branches, electrical cables or tunnels.

    At San Vicente migrant camp, rows of brand new unused bunk beds have been installed. This is likely in anticipation of an increase in illegal migration.

    Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the situation is the clear national security threat at hand. Many of those headed to the United States are military-aged males. There are also large groups of Chinese nationals passing through these camps on a daily basis. It is possible – and, indeed likely – that many of the Chinese coming to the United States are either beholden to or working for the CCP.

    While it is likely that many of these migrants are good people, there’s no doubt that these groups serve as camouflage for spies, criminals and other nefarious actors, seeking to penetrate our borders undetected.

    Powerful organizations thousands of miles away are facilitating the collapse of the US Southern Border. Among many consequences of this, one will be permanent political demographic change.

    Most of these migrants are loyal to the Democratic Party, due to their immigration and Open Border policies. Allow this to go on for long enough and the United States will be a country dominated by one-party rule.

    If the American people don’t act soon, the United States as we know it will be gone, forever.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Like Tucker Carlson said these glabalists POS live on America, and trying to destroy America. Very strange! 300 million idiots are aware that a few dozen evil people are setting their homeland on fire, but, they rather watch football.

    • A few weeks ago it (finally) hit me like a ton of bricks – open border down south, a move to marginalize nationalism in favor of globalism, and a squeeze play on the Mexican president to make him accept tainted American food. This is George Herbert Nazi Scherf Pedophile Bush’s dream come true – NAFTA!!!!! The old snake eyed bastard was right – they WILL succeed..

    • Militia have to be formed and start to shoot at view.

      Shoot at the fake ngo’s, Unicef scumabgs and the others) and the illegal army who invade the USA.

      But alos strike at the head of the viper, the snake who is behidn the UN/WEF/Biden and the washington swamp.



      • I have wondered why groups that stand to lose it all when this globalism control grab hits, why they haven’t been actively trying to stop it. Why hasn’t, say the mafia tried to take out soros or herr schwab? (their names do not deserve to be capitalized)

      • While I like the way you think and wholeheartedly agree, I have no faith in the neutered American denizens of this 21st Century who are scared shitless that they might be (Gasp!) arrested and have to spend a few days or even years in these horrific American prisons (Double-Gasp!) in which I have safely “vacationed” for nearly 21 years.
        No matter how we try to spin it, 2024 is not and will never be 1776. Until such time as it is, our America is Doomed. The willingness to Self-sacrifice is the key to real and continuous Freedom.

    • I am an ex-American citizen who settled in Tasmania (Australia) 25 years ago. As soon as it became possible I renounced my US citizenship, mostly so as to no longer provide any financial support to the US government, and secondarily, to have no further relationship with the IRS. Australia, that big island to the north of Tasmania, is in a fortunate position regarding illegal immigration because we can conveniently protect our borders. However, our government has long been bringing in a great many migrants so as to create a multicultural society. We get lots of propaganda about how multiculturalism is desirable. So far the Australian public is not much concerned. However, in the major cities Australians of European ancestry are less frequently seen. In a way the huge numbers of migrants are a plus–they work hard, have children, pay tax. Most of them have been vetted so as to be that sort of person.

      I think I think the majority of this current invasion seek dole payments and a life of idleness so it will not prove impossible to get rid of illegals in America.
      Simply stop paying any welfare or providing any government benefits to illegals beyond a one-way plane ticket out of the country. And then, of course, there’s the “show me your proof of citizenship please” followed by arrest and immediate deportation.

    • So what are Americans supposed to do?

      Vote the traitors out of office? We tried that remember? More than once. It didn’t work. Nor will it – ever again!

      Americans have this idea pounded into their heads by a troika of venues, mostly visual and by pulpiteers that this will never happen to them and if it does Jesus will rapture them out of all their troubles because they’ve got their ticket to ride and they don’t care. I’ve lived more than most, longer than most and have seen very few who’ve heeded my decades of warnings and have been scoffed at all along. Their ain’t no free lunch and payday is coming – soon.

      This nation is not the nation of my birth, I was born free and I am not fearful of dying free. These imps never succeeded in capturing my mind and my soul and I sleep well knowing where I go they cannot come.

      Nothing will budge American couch potatoes off their butts, until they get hungry enough and by then it will be too late.

      Because they’ve been living by lies 24/7.

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