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Thom Hartmann speaks with Professor Stephen Cohen of The Nation Magazine about Russia, NATO, and our mainstream media’s refusal to report on the New Cold War, in which 30,000 US Troops are stationed at the along the Russian border in a number of Baltic countries.

Stephen asks Thom if he’s ever heard of “Operation Anakonda”? Thom says, “No.”

Well, that’s the name of this 30,000-troop exercise along Russia’s western flank.

Professor Cohen says that the Neocons have succeeded in making their agenda of an “America Über Alles”, unipolar world, ruled only by US interests the bi-partisan policy of the US Government but he doesn’t feel that these troop exercises are entirely motivated by the unmitigated greed of the Deep State, which would require that all NATO countries to purchase more armaments from US defense contractors. 

He believes that at least some Neocons actually believe in the indefinite maintenance of a unipolar, American-led world (as if such a thing were even possible) and that this is what drives them.

I disagree. I think that insane, short-sighted greed, weapons sales and kickbacks are the drivers of Neocon-inspired operations like Anakonda and that Neocon leaders plan to skulk off to their ranches in Paraguay after the Western financial system collapses: The Neocon “Endless Wars” represent the Final Looting of the US Treasury and those of NATO countries, as well. (But that’s just me!)

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  • a country never losses it’s rights over night…it’s little by little. Lets say someone comes into my house what I’m I to do???Say Get Out! In that moment you wish you had a gun to protect your family. Changing the world sounds hard it’s not…just do things that would make your Mother Proud…Do No Harm. Take care of your own self…living is hard enough don’t make me take care of your stuff too.

  • Tuesday, 14 June 2016
    The Tear Drop “A Gift From the People of Russia to the USA” – And Why You Weren’t Told About It

    Sad to say it, but I personally never even knew about this until recently. The reason for this is the same reason you have probably never heard about it either. The mainstream media had a complete black out of the story! The monument pictured, is a dedication to the 9/11 victims, their family members and the American people from the Russian people.

    Ask yourself why would the mainstream media, or American leaders not want to share such a beautiful gesture with the American people? Not only is it a truly touching gift, but it also serves to break down a barrier that Russia is some how evil, which is a perspective that has dominated the minds of Americans ever since the cold war. America’s original “war on terror”, only it was called the “cold war” and lots of propaganda was used to scare the public and justify invading countries all over the world, just like today.

    New York is arguably the most popular city in the world with millions and millions of visitors each years, yet no one seems to know about this remarkable monument even though it is HUGE, 100ft tall and 175-tons, which is about 2/3 the size of the statue of liberty!

    The answer to this question though is pretty obvious if you think about it. Just like any psycopathic abuser, the U.S. government tells its victim (the American people) that even though it rapes and abuses us it is actually looking out for our best interests and all other governments are the bad guys. As the expression goes, “The greatest trick the enemy can play on its victim, is that everyone else except themselves are the enemy!”

    As you can see, the monument is inscribed with the names of the victims.

    The monument was the work of Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli. It is meant to represent “sadness and grief over the loss of life, but also hope for a future free from terror.”

    Keep up the great work mainstream media, everyone is ignorant dumbed down and clueless. Excellent job!

    You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Choice and Truth

    I was not able to download the pics to this article but you would be able to source them from the above link.
    R Holland

  • So easy these days to collect thirty thousand morons and convince them to be brave ready-to-fight soldiers… No other jobs you see!

  • Why no publication ? quite obvious …. The Media is a vast propaganda network which crafts and doctors reportage to accommodate the special interests that control them ….looking for the truth ? In the media ? it is unpredictable .. The truth is subordinated to influencing the public to viewpoints that favor their owners

  • Interesting these scholars have not mentioned the symbolisms behind naming this operation ‘Anaconda’.

    ANACONDA – Andreas Cleyer who in 1684 described a gigantic snake that crushed large animals by coiling and crushing their bones…

    The psychotics are overtly and in your face doing the exact action which that gigantic snake does as a matter of course.

  • A small group of people control the west and another small group of people control the east. These two groups of people own all the assets on earth and all the money in circulation is a loan from them. Money is a red herring for us and simply a control device. This world order has been in place for over 6,000 years and is well documented in the ancient manuscripts that survive on earth to this day. The events that take place in this world are no where near as complicated as they are portrayed to be. Rule over this planet is simple to understand … from the correct perspective.

    It has always been the east in conflict with the west. The dichotomy of ideas from two different leaders.

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