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    Alexandra Bruce
    April 12, 2012

    This is independent journalism at its best! Kudos to James Corbett and James Evan Pilato!

    Corbett: “Going out on the streets and losing our head and breaking stuff is not going to change the fundamental structure of society…it’s time to be smart about this rather than…doing what they want and then allowing them to use this newfangled police state technology that they’re rolling out as part of the PR campaign.

    “I think we have to understand what is happening and instead of giving power to that system, we have to withdraw from that system and we have to step back and stop feeding it with our money, stop feeding it with our time, stop investing in it emotionally and with our identities because ultimately, our withdrawing from it and forming our communities will be the basis for whatever society survives the inevitable economic collapse that will be what sees us through this, not going out and trashing stores and breaking windows.”


    Published on Apr 12, 2012

    Welcome to — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

    Story #1: DHS/Navy Award Contract to Hack Gaming Systems

    Spy Games – Homeland Security Is Trying to Hack Into Your Xbox

    Feds Want Way to Hack Xboxes and Wiis for Evidence

    “R & D Effort for the Development and Delivery of Computer Forensic Tools for Analyzing Network Traffic and Stored Data Created During the Use of Video Game Systems”

    Background: Full Spectrum Information Warfare – Information Operation Roadmap

    Flashback: PlayStation Network Hack Leaves Credit Card Info at Risk

    Story #2: FBI Efforts Keep Whistleblower’s Book Unpublished

    FBI Attempts to Hold Sibel Edmonds’ Book Hostage

    Flashback: A Patriot Silenced, Unjustly Fired but Fighting Back to Help Keep America Safe

    Story #3: Future Riots ‘May Be’ Controlled With Chemicals

    Background: Sunshine Project – Online Clearinghouse of US ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons Documents

    Video: Alex Jones Loses It Over ‘Robot Helicopters with Airborne Ebola’

    Television Tropes and Idioms – Knockout Gas

    Bonus: Food World Order on Corbett Report Radio

    Visit to get previous episodes in various
    formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by
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    Media Monarchy Thank you.

    Previous Episode: ICC vs. Palestine, Orwell’s Emails, Water Wars

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    Alexandra Bruce

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