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    Level9News is back with another hair-raising story, centering on research being undertaken due to Presidential Decree by large tech companies like Google, to explore ways to extend human life by hundreds, possibly thousands of years.

    HumaiTech, an LA-based AI company is looking to take this quest for immortality a step further by transferring the minds and personalities of the dead into artificial neural networks and then downloading these into artificial bodies, or cybernetic humanoid units…it’s totally nuts and it’s not a joke.

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    • I have no interest in living forever. And I fervently hope this immortality mentioned here never comes.

      The mind and heart wisdom of the creatures living today—human beings—are works in progress. Let’s wait another 1000 years or so before we bend technology to this disastrous goal.

    • I wish all these budgets and time cold be spend in making normal life for the people who are alive and living in homeless, food less, healthcare less, and many other “less” environment!!

    • All of these programs using computer technology and Artificial Intelligence exclude the most basic aspect of human experience that cannot be quantified or reduced to binary code-and that is Emotions!
      Every thought has a feeling and every feeling has a thought from an experiential perspective. Humans have avoided emotional intelligence and awareness so much so that we “believe” the lies of our language and blame others for our happiness or sadness. Until we understand the idea that; “nobody can make you mad”-we will never be able to understand consciousness enough to do anything transcendent with it.
      And just for a paradigm shift-what if extending life was contingent on the microbes in the body and not a “machine”? Since 90% of the cells in a human body are “not human”, but rather microbial in nature-would it not be better to use them as the extending source?

    • One thing is for sure, you better hope that the electrical power grid is robust and does not ever fail or all of this technology to sustain human consciousness is for not.

    • Maybe a spirit would enter the cyborg to just take it over for fun? Or for good or for evil?

      Nothing to do with the original owner of the brain map. Lots of good Sci Fi stories about that one.

      Spirit is Life is consciousness and is NOT the body or the brain. And no they won’t find it in the brain. Unless the spirit forgot to leave upon death. Ah, there lies the rub. Trap the spirit and make them run a cyborg. Good luck with that one.

      It is like saying that the dash board of a car is the spirit essence of the car. Good luck with that one.

      Slavery by a new method and it is still an old idea.

    • Stupid and wasteful, but surely darkness behind it. A rabbit hole for old white guys who seek immortality due to fear of bodily death, for various reasons. (Basically, what HENRY said–feel pretty much the same.)

    • If this is possible it would be a clone of the mind. I believe this would be another person, same as a genetic clone. If that was done to me I know I could not be in two places at the same time so the other “person” would not be me.

    • They are wasting their time and more than likely your money. There is only one who has immortality. His name is Jesus Christ. (I Timothy 6: 15,16). Those that believeth not shall perish. (John 3:16).

    • Have you heard about brain transplsnts? It´s been decades since they are making them. I don´t know if they have been succsefull yet but they were close a time ago. When you have a personality that is good for military purposes they want it. These cyborgs would be cheaper than persons and expendable too. They ma y have personality but they don´t have a soul.

    • In my opinion the government is doing this research for their own ends such as developing a cyborg-like army that is totally controllable. Its about money and power as usual.

    • Oh No, it has already been done. Download was done before “death”. This science has been well advanced in the “Black Projects”. Now they have to find a plausible reason to have it implemented in the “Mainstream science”. They can not have it “pop up”. there have to be a visible development of the science. Think of all the money that can be made from this – – – oh yes, it is all about the money.

    • Big mistake !

      What you call the human brain is NO MORE than a storage vault.
      Your brain is where is the heart is at. Our DNA is linked with our creator through a loving soul . Have you ever heard the expression __ Heart mind ?__

      For more information go to :

    • The Bible says that nearing the end, death will be the last to be conquered.
      Who knows? The RNA genes carry memory, if your grandmother got burned in a fire, you’d be afraid of fire…

    • I have a hard time believing that this is possible. When a person dies, so does the brain. I am pretty sure there is nothing left to download. A waste of time and science.

    • Sounds like this technology will be instrumental in giving life to the image of the Beast that he should speak. (Rev. 13:15)

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