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Alexandra Bruce
March 18, 2014

This year-old report is as accurate as the day it was given.

The US Government needs a war, in order to obfuscate its lack of any economic “recovery” and the coming collapse of the dollar, with the goal being to dis-arm the people and to track everyone and anyone who could possibly represent a threat.

The US Government is reporting that there is no inflation, of course they do not include food and energy. Housing starts miss and mortgage applications plunge to new lows.

The US government had ordered all the Syrian Embassies closed in the US and they want the diplomats to leave. This is in preparation for the next false flag war/event, starring ISIS.

The Eurozone came to the rescue, by buying US Treasury notes. This gave the bump to the dollar that we see a later – but it will be short-lived because the fundamentals are simply not there.

Alexandra Bruce

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