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Alexandra Bruce
March 29, 2014

Young filmmaker, Oana Ghiocel, leaves Boston, Massachusetts to investigate rumors of an ancient Sphinx in the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains in her country of birth, Romania.

The film features renowned Geologist, Robert Schoch who gained notoreity almost 20 years ago for his claims that the weathering of the stones of the Egyptian Sphinx at the Giza Pyramid Complex, would date the structure at over 10,000 years of age, as the current desert in which it is located has not seen considerable rainfall since at least that long.

Along the way, filmmaker Oana makes unexpected and shocking potential discoveries about the missing link of human evolution and the soul of man, as she explores the mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx and evidence of an intervening leap in human evolution that occurred deep in our ancient past.

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Alexandra Bruce

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