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    This video is one of the most-popular ever, in the history of FKTV.

    The folks who uploaded it say they don’t know the actual name of this amusement park ride. They’re satisfied to simply to call
    it the “Cr*ap-Your Pants-9000.”

    It *almost* looks like a large, Dr. Kevorkian suicide machine.

    But even in Russia, a country currently known for lax regulation, this terror-mobile has been making waves, among ‘fraidy cats,
    who have concerns about its safety.

    While there’s some speculation whether this kind of ride would *ever* make its way to the viciously-litigious United States, there are whispers that a few similar contraptions have made their way, Stateside.

    I hope I can find one of these things, soon!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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