Alexandra Bruce
July 7, 2012

Being half-Brazilian, it has often occurred to me that Brazil is one of the biggest secrets going.

For example, few people know that Brazil is the 3rd largest manufacturer of aircraft in the world, after the US and the EU.

Having taken off and landed many times from the two main airports featured in this clip made by a Brazilian commercial airline pilot, I can’t help but feel a nostalgia or “saudade” for this massive, mysterious place.


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January 4, 2012

A Great 2012 to every one!!!

0:05 – SBRJ Santos Dumont RWY 20L – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
0:30 – Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
0:35 – SBRJ Santos Dumont RWY 20L – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
0:51 – Florianopolis SC Brasil
1:07 – Downwind leg SBRJ Santos Dumont RWY 02R – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
2:11 – SKBO El Dorado RWY 13R – Bogota – Colombia
2:16 – SBSP Congonhas RWY 17R – São Paulo – Brasil
2:23 – SKBO El Dorado RWY 13L – Bogota – Colombia (Gust from left before touchdown)
3:16 – SBSP Congonhas RWY 35L – São Paulo – Brasil

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