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This controversial film focuses on a low point in US history and it can be difficult, at times to watch without flinching with shame and disgust, no matter what race you happen to identify with.

There is a degree of stridency in the tone of this presentation which has drawn some criticism but to be fair, the emotional tome is understandable. The wall of secrecy surrounding this forbidden history about an aspect of late 19th century and early 20th century American civilization is rarely exposed, even in this day and age — so, we believe that now is as good of a time as ever to let it all out, to heal it and to move forward as a strong society, which I believe, is within our grasp, when we integrate these horror stories and all the lessons we’ve learned from them.

For instance, how many of you reading this already knew that Hitler’s Nazis took their cues for enacting their own racialist policies in the Nazi regime by studying the science and the tactics is use right here, in the Good Ol’ USA?

It’s said that if we are to escape the doom of repeating our history we must first know it.

With this is mind – here’s you inoculation! And may God’s Grace be upon all who played their roles in these grisly, dehumanizing dramas. Amen.

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Alexandra Bruce

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