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FKTV received yesterday the following email from Dr. Eric J. Lerner, President and Chief Scientist at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. in regards to our newsletter linked to this page and regarding statements made in the video above. It consists of a short clip from a long interview given by Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff, recorded earlier in the month and sent by me to FKTV subscribers on the morning of December 24, 2012:

Dear Ms. Bruce and Mr. Duff, Today I was informed by several callers to our lab that you both were circulating misinformation about our efforts to develop fusion energy. In particular you reported that we and our Iranian colleagues were selling fusion generators. This is not the case and nothing on LPP’s websites implies that it is. On the contrary, we state clearly that we are researching and developing such generators, as are researchers in Iran and elsewhere. We, of course hope, that such research will lead to the production of generators in the near future, but that is very different from saying that they exist. I strongly request that both of you publish corrections on your websites.

Regards, and and have a pleasant holiday,

Eric J. Lerner

President and Chief Scientist,

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc.


I saw a bottle of wine in the store the other day that was being marketed as “Conspiracy Chardonnay.”

It has finally come to this: corruption around the world is so rampant that the whole “conspiracy” concept has become a cynical marketing ploy.

So, what IF everything we’ve been told is a lie? What if Iran’s nuclear energy program truly is about developing advanced propulsion technologies – and the byproduct is enough electrical energy to power much of South Asia and that, in fact, Iran is currently selling clean electricity to around half of its neighbors in the Middle East? This is what Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff says is happening right now, adding that this is much to the consternation of the hydrocarbon energy cartels.

So then, what if the *real* problem the US and others have with Iran’s nuclear program is that it will collapse the hydrocarbon fuel industry – and all of the industries that run on this antiquated, environmentally-destructive fuel? That’s sure what it’s looking like to me, based on Duff’s statements. But this is because I ,like many if not most people have lost complete confidence in statements of “truth” or “fact” that come from anywhere in officialdom and we are prey to potential misrepresentations from alternative news sources. It’s all a lesson in discernment, in the end.

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