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Sep 23, 2012

“Fingerprints of the Gods” author Graham Hancock explains that “We’ve had more than 40 years, now of massive-financed propaganda, called the “War on [some] Drugs”. Ironically, we the Taxpayers around the world have paid for that propaganda to be beamed at us with our taxes.

This has been a systematic effort to persuade us that any consciousness-altering drug, other than alcohol, caffeine or tobacco – which are all consciousness-altering drugs, of course – that any drug which is not channeled to us through the large pharmaceutical companies – because Ritalin, of course is a consciousness-altering drug, Seroxat is a consciousness-altering drug and Prozac is a consciousness-altering drug – but all of those are supposed to be OK because they come to us through Big Pharma….

It’s almost impossible for us to encounter the notion of drugs without linking it to abuse or of frivolous, irresponsible behavior or of danger or of threat or of damage…all of this really messes up our thinking about what is really a fundamental issue of human rights, which is:

Do we, as adults, have the right to make decisions about what to put in our own bodies and what we experience with our own consciousness – without reference to the Power of State – or must we seek permission from the State in order to explore our own consciousness?

And that is the very unfortunate state of affairs that we find ourselves in today, where certain states of consciousness, in the privacy of one’s own home or in a shamanic circle, with reverence and respect to the universe and to nature – that such a thing is considered abhorrent and wrong and we must not even be allowed to think about doing that. This is the way that our minds are controlled.

why all politicians should drink Ayahuasca 10 times, the gruesome Aztec history behind his new book “Wargod”, why he took Ibogaine to gain closure with his late father, and how Joe Rogan is just an all-around cool dude.

“You said that all politicians should be required to drink Ayahuasca 10 times before taking office.” – Brian (00:46)

“All across the world we have a venal class of dishonest, self-serving bureaucrats who are using the power we give them to oppose themselves upon us.” – Graham (01:52)

“You have to understand that we’ve had more than 40 years now of massively financed propaganda called the ‘War on Drugs’.” – Graham (03:10)

“In a way it’s a very Orwellian world where language is being used against us. It’s almost impossible to approach the issue of ‘drugs’ without immediately linking it to the notion of ‘abuse.'” – Graham (04:47)

“Do we as adults have the right to make decisions about what we put in our own bodies and what we experience with our own consciousness without reference to the powers of the state or must we seek permission from the state in order to explore our own consciousness?” – Graham (05:17)

“I find again and again you get these instant knee-jerk reactions. ‘Oh they’re talking about a drug, this isn’t be for me. They must be dirty people.'” – Graham (08:37)

“I don’t believe I would have written that book if I hadn’t had this nudge from this curious plant ally called cannabis.” – Graham (13:37)

“I don’t do things by half-measures. I was smoking a very great deal of cannabis for 24 years.” – Graham (14:10)

“During those Ayahuasca sessions whatever intelligence spoke to me directly and made it very clear to me that my journey with Cannabis had come to an end.” – Graham (15:33)

“It’s astonishing that one plant intervened to stop me working with another plant.” – Graham (19:20)

“There are all kinds of ways to challenge ourselves. Some people do it by climbing a mountain or scuba diving. The most profound and challenging ordeals is to drink Ayahuasca. It is in a way the ultimate adventure.” – Graham (24:06)

“I want to find out about your new book. Can you talk about it?” – Brian (45:30)

“There is very clear documentation of the sacrifice of 80,000 human beings over the course of 4 days so the entire city was filled with human blood.” – Graham (49:58)

“The demonic realm got involved in the human world and said. ‘We’ve made things really bad in Mexico already, how can we make things worse?” – Graham (51:20)

“The 22yr old Graham Hancock had an awful lot to learn.” – Graham (59:42)

“Iboga is the root bark of a bush that grows in Central Africa.” – Graham (1:00:53)

“It’s a sacred duty to see a loved one through the transition and it’s also a tremendous gift that the loved one gives to us, the opportunity to learn from it.” – Graham (1:05:23)

“The one thing I’m glad about is that I did have the opportunity to tell my Dad that I loved him.” – Graham (1:06:58)

“If you were really a tough guy you’d take Iboga and Ayahuasca at the same time.” – Nic (01:08:28)

“The active ingredient in Ayahuasca is Dimethyltryptamine. I’ve done some work with pure D.M.T. as well, I’ve done 11 journeys.” – Graham (01:08:48)

“Did you get stoned with Joe?” – Nic (01:17:10)

“Joe is such a lovely, wonderful human being with an incredibly open and inquiring mind and just very very gentle and very very intelligent and I definitely got high on the conversation.” – Graham (01:17:55)

“I’ve really enjoyed this conversation, time has really flown, it reminded me of my conversation with Joe Rogan. Nice, relaxing, positive, enjoyable feeling.” – Graham (01:20:40)

Music by: Kevin MacLeod & The Edenites:

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