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Former Senator Barry Goldwater videotaped during an interview, here says that he thinks that the US Government does know the truth about extraterrestrial life, while admitting that he “can’t back that up.”

He says that, “If you can get into certain rooms at Wright-Patterson Field [the USAF base in Dayton, OH], that you could find out what the Air Force and the Government know about UFOs.”

He says he’d heard about how a “space ship landed,” which had been “hushed-up” and nobody knew much about it.

Goldwater says that he called US Air Force General Curtis LeMay and said, “General, I know we have a room, where you put all this secret stuff. Can I go in there?” Goldwater smiles.

“I’ve never heard him get mad. But he got madder than Hell at me. Cussed me out. Said, ‘Don’t ever ask me that question again!”

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  • As Erich von Däniken titled his book: ‘God was an Astronaut’.
    a) It would preposterous to believe we’re alone in the Space.
    b) Equally preposterous to believe that these beings are as primitive as Homo Sapiens, referring here, among other, to (much higher) advanced technology.
    c) These beings most probably made a giant terrarium of Planet Earth in regards to Homo Sapiens; or check the new specimen ‘Homo iPadis’ (the young generations). =;-)

  • I agree,
    I have seen two strange craft in the atmosphere when I was only 15 years of age which came in close to our sailplaned airfield at Caversham in Western Australia. One stayed in the background and the other one flew up and to one side of the air-strip and went up the length of it but to the side some two hundred meters to the south. Then it came back taking just under 120 seconds to fly the two miles. There were some 14 people in all who witnessed it with my brother and me. These interplanetary craft have possibly been coming to Earth for many thousands of years or longer. When this craft at Caversham came down low to some estimated 200 feet above the airstrip it set the compasses in the sailplanes gently spinning back and forth and gigging about. So the power field of this nearer craft must have had a very strong magnetic field about it.

  • It is really strange that significant elements of our government will not admit to the presence of UFOs and people being abducted by ETs. There are abductee support groups quietly meeting all over the country. Here in an Antonio Dr, Joyce McDavid and Constance Clear led two such groups.

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