Alexandra Bruce
December 18, 2014

Dinesh D’Souza is certainly one high-achieving dude – and he quite vociferously acknowledges that none of it would have been possible, had he not emigrated to the US from his native India at the age of 17, while he was an exchange student at Dartmouth College.

I have read some of his articles before and I’ve disagreed with a lot of his positions on things – but to see and hear him speak is an entirely different matter, as he addresses this audience at Amherst College.

Through the fresh eyes of an immigrant, he makes me forget, for a moment about everything that I’ve been grousing about,
lately on FKTV; about so much that has gone so wrong in America – especially since 9/11.

When I listen to him, I’m reminded, instead of how exceptional it is, this land of my birth (when you remove the nutjobs in our government).

Dinesh D’Souza, is most recently renowned as being the director of the second most successful political documentary of all time, “2016: Obama’s America.” His fascinating career has been marked by staggering highs and a recent, crushing low.

Dinesh is an ultra-Conservative, affiliated with several Conservative organizations and publications, including the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution, and Policy Review magazine. It seems he was so committed to his cause that he willing to commit crimes in a bid to get a Conservative politician elected in an overwhelmingly Liberal region of New York – namely, the City.

Dinesh, who today is 53 years old was a policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan (obviously, at an extremely young age!) and, during 2010-2012, he was president of The King’s College, a small Christian school in New York City.

He is the author of several New York Times best-selling books, including titles on Christian apologetics, such as ‘What’s So Great About Christianity’ and ‘Life After Death: The Evidence’. D’Souza has also
been a critic of “New Atheism”.

His Portuguese surname indicates that he is at least partially descended from Portuguese colonizers who, beginning in the 1400s, held up to 17 small colonies throughout the entirety of the Indian coastline and all of Sri Lanka. This may also explain why he is Christian.

In 2012, D’Souza released ‘2016: Obama’s America’, a documentary film based on his 2010 book, ‘The Roots of Obama’s Rage’.
Both posit that Barack Obama’s attitude toward America derives from his father’s anti-colonialism and from a psychological
desire to fulfill his father’s dream of diminishing the power of Western imperial states. The film has been the highest-
grossing conservative documentary film produced in the United States.

In January 2014, D’Souza was indicted on charges of making illegal political contributions to a 2012 United States Senate
campaign. On May 20, 2014, D’Souza pleaded guilty in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York to a charge of
using “straw donors” to make illegal political campaign donations. On September 23, D’Souza was sentenced to eight months in a
community confinement center, five years parole, and a $30,000 fine.

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