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Alexandra Bruce
June 26, 2015

Sgt. Frost pulled Deven Guilford over on the evening of February 28, after the teen flashed him his brights, because he thought Frost’s high beams were on.

Sgt. Frost pulled over Guilford and Frost’s own small video camera, mounted on his lapel caught everything, that ensued, quite clearly.

What began as the gesture of a Good Samaritan on the part of Guilford, escalated, on the part of the power-tripping, ‘roided-out cop into a scene, where a minor was dragged from his car and ordered to the ground at gunpoint hog-tied and arrested.

Luckily, we are spared seeing what happened next. 17 year-old Guilford was shot 7 times, at point blank range, as he lay helpless on the ground. He was killed.

Sgt. Frost’s actions were ruled “justified” in a court of law and Frost is still out on the streets “serving” his community. Would you want this guy patrolling your streets?

Take a look at this clip and you tell me if you think this psychopathic, murdering police officer should remain on the streets, let alone a free man and tell me if you this kid deserved to be shot 7 times – while hog-tied on the ground, mostly due his youthful inexperience with the police procedure in the US, where one must slavishly agree to every maniacal whim of an officer, if one would hopes to make it out, alive.


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Alexandra Bruce

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