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Starring Claude Rains, this 1961 film is an unlikely combination of a Spaghetti Western and a Sci-Fi film, made at a time, by independent filmmakers who weren’t towing any company line but merely sharing creative speculations about a runaway asteroid dubbed “The Outsider”, which mysteriously begins orbiting the Earth and then threatens our planet with lethal flying saucers!


Claude Rains … Prof. Benson

Bill Carter … Cmdr. Bob Cole

Umberto Orsini … Dr. Fred Steele

Maya Brent … Eve Barnett

Jacqueline Derval … Mrs. Collins

Renzo Palmer … Barrington

Carlo D’Angelo … Gen. Varreck (as Carlo d’Angelo)

Carol Danell … Cathy Cole

Jim Dolen … Boyd
Joe Pollini

John Stacy … Dr. Cornfield

Aldo D’Ambrosio … United Commission Member

Massimo Righi … Lewis Boyd

Giuliano Gemma … Moran

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