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    Tyler Bass & Alexandra Bruce
    April 9, 2015

    This amateur documentary, ‘America’s Largest Street Gang’ compiles footage of truly despicable and unacceptable violent behavior on the part power-tripping police officers, all over the US.

    Scenes include officers grabbing a peaceful onlooker, at a safe distance from a traffic stop, into a chokehold and throwing him on the ground; cops smashing windows of an unoccupied car during a warrantless search and beating an onlooker to the ground; a participant of a monthly bicycling event, being violently shoved from his bike, by a cop, out of sheer, unvarnished Sadism. In Hot Springs, Arizona, pre-teens are out celebrating “Go Skateboarding Day” and are ruthlessly and violently attacked and choked by a completely out-of-control police officer, who proclaims that all of the onlookers of his uncalled-for savagery against a 13 year old boy are now “under arrest,” as his colleagues exhibit truly shameful behavior, in brutalizing young kids.

    Hundreds of scenes like this unfold and make it crystal clear, for all to see, that something is very wrong with the conduct of street cops, throughout the entirety of the US.

    The middle section shows officers refusing to take written complaints. This tactic, footage of which the documentary portrays time and time again, is a tool for corrupt law enforcement officials to prey on ignorant citizens, to deter a paper trail by which those citizens might hold them accountable.

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