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Next Wednesday will mark the 18th anniversary of 9/11 and James Corbett has released the first installation of his new 9/11 Whistleblowers series, featuring the story of Kevin Ryan, who in 2001 was the Site Manager at Environmental Health Laboratories (EHL), a subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety consulting and certification corporation that tests consumer and industrial products for compliance with government safety standards. This included fire resistance ratings for structural steel components to ensure compliance with New York City building codes.

Ryan’s curiosity about UL’s role in the certification of the World Trade Center steel was piqued when, in 2003 he began to question the lies that the Bush administration had used to justify the invasion of Iraq and eventually, to question the official story of September 11th, itself.

UL played a part in the investigation into the Twin Towers’ destruction and as Ryan began to learn more, his concerns only grew. Why had the actual steel evidence of the towers destruction been illegally removed and disposed of before a proper investigation could take place? Why did not one or two – but three – modern steel frame buildings completely collapse due to fire on 9/11, given that such an event had never taken place before? Why did the towers fail at all, when John Skilling, the structural engineer responsible for designing the towers claimed in 1993 that his own analysis had concluded that the building structures would survive an airplane crash and ensuing fire? And why did the towers fail at a fraction of the time that they were professionally rated to withstand by his company?

As James Corbett narrates, “In 2002, NIST began its three-year $60,000,000 study of the twin towers failure…by 2004, it was already clear that there were serious problems with that report and its preliminary findings – including findings from tests conducted by UL on mock-ups of the WTC floor assemblies; that contradicted NIST’s own conclusions about the building’s destruction.”

Ryan was met with obfuscations from his associates at UL. The non-credible “pancake theory” of the buildings’ collapse was put forward by NIST and FEMA engineers and it prevailed as the official account of the towers’ collapse for three years.

When Ryan asked for new tests to be done on models with no fireproofing and at higher temperatures for longer times, it was found that they would not collapse, scuttling the pancake theory for good in 2004. By that time, the US had already invaded Iraq.

Ryan says, “Having done so much to invest in the official account that the World Trade Center had been destroyed by these planes…that was a difficult situation for NIST and for everyone.”

UL was not pressing NIST on the discrepancies in its findings, so Kevin Ryan took matters into his own hands and on November 11, 2004 he wrote directly to Frank Gayle, the director of NIST’s Twin Towers investigation.

“As I’m sure you know, the company I work for certified the steel components used in the construction of the WTC buildings. In requesting information from both our CEO and fire protection business manager last year, I learned that they did not agree on the essential aspects of the story except for one thing: that the samples we certified met all requirements. They suggested we all be patient and understand that UL was working with your team and that tests would continue through this year.

“I’m aware of UL’s attempts to help, including performing tests on models of the floor assemblies but the results of these tests appear to indicate that the building should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel…

“This story just does not add up. If steel from those buildings did soften or melt, I’m sure we can all agree that this was certainly not due to jet fuel fires of any kind, let alone the briefly burning fires in those towers. That fact should be of great concern to all Americans.

“Alternatively, the contention that this steel did fail at temperatures around 250 degrees Celsius suggests that the majority of deaths on 9/11 were due to a safety-related failure. That suggestion should be of great concern to my company. There is no question that the events of 9/11 are the emotional driving force behind the War on Terror and the issue of the WTC collapse is at the crux of the story of 9/11 my feeling is that your metallurgical tests are the crux of the crux of the crux.

“Either you can make sense of what really happened to those buildings and communicate this quickly or we all face the same destruction and despair that come from global decisions based on disinformation and ‘chatter.'”

Gayle never responded to the email. However, Ryan made the important decision to share the email and his concerns with the broader public, including David Ray Griffin and Catherine Austin Fitts, then the director of 9/ This led to his being terminated at his job.

His calling out the self-contradictions of the NIST investigation led to challenging times for him and his family but it also opened the door to a more purposeful life of doing good in the world. He’s gone on to found several action groups, he’s written articles and books and he lectures frequently to raise public awareness of the problems with the official story of the founding event of the War on Terror.

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  • The WTC buildings were taken down not by Jet fuel, it does not get hot enough to melt steel. The destruction was result of an “inside job”. If you look at the steel girders shown in news broadcasts at the site, you will see that the “I” beams are cut at a 45 degree angle. What was used to take the buildings down was a product called Thermite.
    Thermite is an explosive rope that will cut through steel like a hot knife through butter.
    It is used in industrial demolition jobs. Also, look at the videos taken of the buildings
    before they fell. You will see small white puffs of smoke coming out of the buildings.
    These are from “squibs”, (igniters for the thermite).
    In addition, there were no airplanes that hit the towers. those planes are in a hanger at Area 51. The tail numbers match the numbers of the reported planes that hit the towers.
    The aircraft that hit the Pentagon was not an airplane, it was a inert cruise missile.
    There were no airplane parts found, no black box, engines or anything else that would say it was a commercial airplane.
    An independent investigation needs to be done to PROVE the facts, not some paid off
    company to make up a story.

  • “Where Did The Towers Go” by Dr. Judy Wood.
    The only thing that was wrong with those towers was the insulation, asbestos. As well as being a little old. Can you imagine how much money it would have cost to bring them down, using lawful means?
    And our Terrorist government, went for it to continue with it’s terror plan to control the world, and it seems to be working.
    You do know that Joe Biden wrote the “Patriot Act” don’t you? Just a few years before it was used.
    Power Corrupts!

  • God Bless all patriots like Kevin Ryan who risk it all for the sake of mankind!

    Speaking of truthers, George Webb is convincing in the emerging story of the real reason for man-made Dorian devastating the Bahamas being a Chinese Sub base and deep state sites for international weapon sales.

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