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It’s interesting how, after 4 years of permanent coup, we’ve become much more savvy about the machinations of the Deep State and of its many moving parts.

We now have more clarity about the contours of the asymmetrical war that’s been being waged upon us our entire lives.

The qui bono of 9/11 has never been so clear. In this video and extracted below, Robert David Steele drops crystalline truth bombs, as he paraphrases from his book, ‘9/11 Truth’, a compendium of 28 brief memos by leading 9/11 Truthers to give a thumbnail for who did 9/11, how and why.

He says, “There is no way this event happened with all the preparations that were needed…without the active collaboration of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Mayor of New York City and in my view, the governors of New York and New Jersey.”


9/11 is best understood as the bookend to another false flag event: the assassination of JFK by his own government, an endeavor led by Lyndon Baines Johnson, carried out by nine different parties, none of whom trusted one another, so they each provided their own shooter and with the Zionist State of Israel sending two witnesses, Yitzhak Rabin, who is dead but who comes into play in 9/11 and Arnon Milchan, whom I also believe is associated with 9/11, as the theatrical producer working closely with Larry Silverstein and Maurice Greenberg.

I will summarize the findings of the 26 experts, including Peter Dale Scott and David Ray Griffin, as well as Richard Gage and others, all documented free online.

Planning for the contrived, controlled demolition of the Twin Towers began no later than 1989 and possibly, as early as 1987, when the EPA is reported to have identified structural failings that would, if not corrected, mandate the manual deconstruction. Controlled demolitions were explicitly forbidden of these terribly-built buildings, with considerable asbestos and other toxic hazards and that must be completed by 2007.

This made the Twin Towers an immediate $2 billion liability and set in motion planning by some combination of New York and New Jersey, New York City and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officials with Zionist players, such as Larry Silverstein, builder of the original World Trade Center 7 and buyer of the Twin Towers months before the specified false flag event, as well as Maurice Greenberg the pass-through insurer, AIG toward some form of insurance fraud that would allow the buildings to be catastrophically brought down with controlled demolitions for the double benefit of ignoring the EPA ruling against controlled demolitions and claiming insurance benefits that ultimately totaled close to $12 billion, alleging that terrorists did it.

The Twin Towers, folks will remember was a Rockefeller project, forced upon the citizens against great opposition.

Coincident with the decision to set in motion some form of catastrophic event at the State, Red Mafia or Russian-Zionist-USA state-sponsored criminal crime level, Dick Cheney was appointed to be Secretary of Defense under George HW Bush.

Remember, now George HW Bush was present at the JFK assassination and apparently, an active participant, as a CIA non-official cover officer. I believe that both Cheney, long known to be owned by the Zionist State of Israel and Yitzhak Rabin, one of two Zionists in Dallas for JFK and soon-to-be Prime Minister of Israel were briefed, no later than 1990.

I speculate that they agreed this was a heaven-sent opportunity to create the ultimate false flag terrorist event, to justify a police state within the USA and an eternal global war on a fictional enemy, terrorism abroad.

Others were clearly briefed, as well. Benjamin Netanyahu, the furniture salesman promoted to notional leader of the invented State of Israel, also known to speak to Larry Silverstein every week put the idea of 9/11 and the Twin Towers into his book, ‘Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism’ and he explicitly wrote in his book about a nuclear bomb being planted by Muslim terrorists in the basement of the Twin Towers.

Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. Giuliani’s intimate relationship with the Red Mafia is best understood by focusing on the fact that Michael Chertoff was his ostensible deputy (perhaps his handler), when Giuliani and the FBI were hired by the Red Mafia to put the Italian mafia out of business, so the Zionists and the Russian criminal cohorts, the Lanskys and Bronfmans and Wexners could take over organized crime across the USA, but generally, in partnership with presidential crime families, such as the Bush Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family the Obama Crime Family.

I don’t believe there is Trump crime family. In fact, detective Jimmy “Boots” Rothstein, NYPD in the 1990s tells me that Trump is known to be a man of his word on 8th Avenue, among the people who manage the construction business and of course, among the politicians. Some of them have been in Trump’s pocket, including Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York – something he can’t get over.

It merits comment that the Twin Towers were owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey until July of the year in which they were taken down. There is no way this event happened with all the preparations that were needed, including closing down the security cameras, taking the dogs away and not allowing them to return and so forth, without the active collaboration of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Mayor of New York City and in my view, the governors of New York and New Jersey.

Now, once George Bush Jr – oh, by the way, it’s known that Les Wexner funded the Epstein pedophilia operation and it is alleged that Les Wexner, one of the 12 Zionists may have funded 9/11. He is now under close scrutiny. Once Bush Junior and Vice President Dick Cheney took office, the stage was set for the long-planned catastrophic event.

Maurice Greenberg of AIG insured it and quickly resold the insurance to others, so that he and AIG would not suffer any losses. The Patriot Act was written in advance. [Phillip D.] Zelikow may have been one of the people who set the stage for that, with his catastrophic terrorism work out of Harvard with John Deutch and others.

The Zionists installed the controlled demolitions that assisted what I believe was a clearly a Directed Energy Controlled Frequency event in the Twin Towers, controlled demolition, alone for WTC7 and a massive cover-up was executed.

I am undecided about the nuclear aspect but quite certain this was more than just thermite. CIA and John Brennan played a role. While I have no direct knowledge, it is clear that the Saudis provided passports for the patsies, many of whom were some of whom were not Saudi and it is reported that John Brennan, as Chief of Station for the CIA in Saudi Arabia in 1986 may have played a role in facilitating Saudi logistics support for the US-Israel false flag attack, even though this meant framing Muslims for a Zionist atrocity.

It merits comment that, according to one of the authors, eight of the alleged patsies are still alive today and complaining of identity theft. Now, John Brennan was also actively involved in 9/11, in that he was the deputy to [#3 at the CIA], Buzzy Krongard for the Gold War against Russia, an undeclared economic war and $240 billion from that gold war in off-budget, offshore accounts were laundered by the 9/11 atrocity by design.

9/11 was a was used to achieve multiple economic objectives, including the laundering of $240 billion in illicit wealth from the CIA Gold War against Russia, managed by Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan. George Tenet was the Director of the CIA. He was previously Bush’s intelligence advisor in the White House and in addition to laundering $240 billion, perhaps billions of dollars in gold and other valuables were stolen by being removed from the Twin Tower vaults in the basement earlier, there was insider trading and all of the files for the Security and Exchange Commission on Wall Street criminal activity were destroyed as a “happy” collateral benefit.

9/11 cases did not go to trial. Controlled Zionist judges and prosecutors ensured that all cases were generously settled so as to avoid any threat of discovery of demands for evidence that must be met. There appears to be one case against Silverstein that advanced to a settlement after partial discovery.

In a nutshell, every elected- and appointed official in the entire New York-New Jersey Port Authority and City and State complex was, in some way complicit in covering up the facts on 9/11.

Aircraft did not bring down the Twin Towers. The AIG offices appear to have served as the theatrical set for pre-position of explosives and a US Air Force Information Operations aircraft appears to have managed the holograms of aircraft melting into the buildings.

These are titanium engines that would not go through steel beams every 14 inches. The wings would have fallen off. The nose would have crumpled, the tail would have dropped. There would have been body parts and luggage and seats everywhere.

The media was pre-scripted and in one instance, read their script seven minutes too soon. It is highly significant to me that Arnon Milchan, one of the two Zionist participants in the JFK assassination managed a movie and a TV series prior to 9/11, in which he practiced the staging of aircraft flying into buildings.

I am compelled by the physics of steel beams every 14 inches and the complete absence of airplane debris, less one carefully-placed engine having nothing to do with any of the flights, to find that this was pure theater. Optics.

The Pentagon was arranged by Donald Rumsfeld. There was no aircraft. There may not have even been a missile, though that is a distinct possibility. One of our authors documents her view that the Pentagon blew the hole in the wall from inside out and then blew up an aircraft as part of the simulation.

I have no direct knowledge of the degree to which the insider attack on the Pentagon was intended to destroy the very people investigating the misappropriation of trillions of dollars from the USA to Zionist Israel via DOD comptroller, Dov Zakheim but one of our authors addresses this directly. At best, this was a missile or drone, as was stated by the US Major General on television, when the hole was still visible, before the facade collapsed and there was no airplane debris anywhere to be seen.

The crash in Pennsylvania was staged. At the time, I was working closely with US Special Operations Command and their analyst told me that the scene was clearly a bomb crater into which a truckload of parts had been dumped. The narrative about cell phone calls from aircraft in flight is beneath contempt but one of our authors destroys this narrative in detail. Other explanations are possible, including a remote-controlled aircraft sacrificed for an area display.

The false narrative about cell phone calls and “Let’s roll!” is the kind of detail that helps assess the official narrative for what it is: a pack of lies advanced with the active collaboration of a treasonous media controlled by the Deep State.

The cover-up is most interesting to me. Philip Zelikow, a key Zionist who helped pioneer the whole concept of “catastrophic terrorism” appears to have shown up on the first day of his role as the Executive Director of the Investigative Commission with an outline of how the report would be structured. He knew the conclusions in advance. And so it came to pass.

There is no question but that this commission was as dirty as the Warren Commission, an almost-poetic joining of the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false flag atrocity as the book ends for the Great Awakening and the death of the Deep State.

I testified to this commission and I note with sadness that two of the commissioners felt compelled to condemn the commission for failing to serve the public interest. We’re looking at the decline and fall of the Deep State and its Obama-Biden-Schumer-Pelosi puppets.

I’m going to conclude my remarks with three observations: First, it is no accident that Michael Chertoff, the Red Mafia handler for Rudy Giuliani back in the day was the first Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, created in the aftermath of 9/11 to facilitate and accelerate the creation of a police state in the USA under Chertoff’s direction.

I speculate that DHS made it possible for the Zionists to penetrate all law enforcement computers and communications at the local level and DHS mutated the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA from a disaster relief organization into a false flag-coordinating authority and a manager of prison camps-in-waiting across the USA.

Extensive Zionist training of US police was facilitated in funding/teaching US police, generally in urban areas a culture of brutality that US citizens should be treated as the Zionists treat the Palestinians – as cockroaches.

Second, under FEMA leadership and after Obama-Biden modified the Smith-Mundt Act to permit active deception of the US public, we had a spate of domestic false flag events, from Sandy Hook to the Boston Bombing to Orlando and beyond. I published my second book, ‘Sandy Hook: Truth’, delivered to the White House, the Attorney General, two congressional committees and the new secretary of DHS to stop these events.

I may have been partially successful. Subsequent false flags in the USA, such as the Pittsburgh synagogue appear to be entirely Zionist in nature, with a wink and a nod from FEMA and the FBI. My edited work on this event can be found at:, all in capital letters.

Third and finally, I conclude that COVID-19, a fake pandemic closely tied to a global economic meltdown necessary to cover over $300 trillion in naked short selling positions, with the total complicity of the mainstream and social media, controlled by the Deep State, with the Anti-Defamation League being the primary censorship and information manipulation authority, the Trusted Flagger, with an Amazon-Facebook-Google meetup, where ADL is sponsoring 1,087 #resist seditionist meetups, all with fees waived or perhaps paid by the ADL – and then, Twitter and YouTube.

This is a last, desperate attempt of the Deep State to destroy Donald Trump by destroying the US economy, while profiting from insider trading. They have profited and they have also failed to achieve their political and economic objectives. My original analysis is easily read at:

We are at a turning point in us history. I have been sponsoring a book, ‘Pedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy and the Deep State’, with all chapters and a tag cloud of names, free online at, precisely to make the point that, in addition to false flag events and wars based on lies, predatory murderous pedophilia embodied in Satanic Ritual Abuse is the essence of the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly.

President Trump has recognized QAnon for what it is: a network of “digital soldiers”. This is General Mike Flynn’s phrase that understands that, at root both the JFK assassination and 9/11 are the work of Satanists engaged in pedophilia and murderous pedophilia, to control and diminish every commonwealth. To understand 9/11, one must understand Satanism and pedophilia and vice versa.

From prayers in Tibet to meditation around the world, from activist Alternative Media channels to the new organizations of sheriffs and pastors saying “No” to state and federal authorities, that have been bribed and blackmailed, often with pedophilia videos, to prey on the public on behalf of the Deep State, goodness and truth are in my view ascendant.

9/11 was an atrocity, whose architects are known by name. I pray for the day that Cheney and Rumsfeld and Giuliani and Zelikow, that Silverstein and Greenberg and Milchan and Wexner are properly investigated, interrogated, indicted, convicted and incarcerated.

The Deep State is a parasite and the expulsion of that parasite looms large. John F Kennedy, Jr pledged to expose all those who assassinated his father. I, myself am pledged to expose all those who carried out 9/11 and to hold President Trump to his promise, made in Bluffton, South Carolina on 16 February, 2016 – to whit – you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.

The truth, at any cost lowers all other costs. The truth and trust are the foundation of civilization. In my view, Election 2020 is about the truth and trust, about faith, family and freedom versus Satanists and pedophiles, versus Sodom and Gomorrah.

From the assassination of JFK to 9/11, with all the atrocities, including wars based on lies that we have suffered, I sense both a Great Awakening and the resurrection of virtue in America and the world.

God bless all of you. God bless America and God bless the President of the United States of America and the First Lady, Melania Trump.

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  • Thank you Robert. I have been researching this crime since it was committed in ”9-11′ – the Israeli Links’ but have learnt from your bringing together many more pieces of the evidence pointing to the prime suspect. I was not convinced by the ‘nuclear bomb’ allegation but your quote from Netanyahu’s book gives some credibility to this premeditation to use one and blame the Muslims.

  • Thank you for this article .We are getting closer to finally exposing the truth about the 9/11 event which needs to be disclosed if we ,hunanity , will evolve or devolve .An evil has been let loose upon the world and it is devastating .What the world needs is a major wake up and this disclosure will do just that .Expose , the satanists .

  • Thank you for this video. For the first time in months, I was able to start to understand all of the little bits and pieces of information that my eyes have been open to. Your video was absolutely amazing, direct, and concise. Please continue to give us more! Thank you and God bless you 🙏

  • The truth as always… eventually, comes forward Thank you Mr. Steel! I’m reading that book now! No Acceptance No Tolerance for rapist and pedophiles…

  • In the uk they have this ywar made it mandatory for everyone to be organ donars, the last time someone did thid was hitler

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