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Alexandra Bruce
September 11, 2013

This clip is a mashup of 9/11 Truth Denier and Nist Investigator, Dr. Gross and dozens of first responders, who contradict his all of his lies.

There is simply too much that does not add up about the official story of 9/11. This clip does not even address the unforgivable NORAD stand down, which ends the “official” story for me, right there – but the fires, which raged for weeks and kept burning for at least four months (which I could see, out of my apartment window, which was a block away and which looked straight over the pile of Tower Number 2).

The temperatures were reported to be over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit – WEEKS after the plane impacts – and it is known that jet fuel burns at between 500-600 degrees. It is possible that the advanced accelerant used in the building demolition trade, called nano-thermite could have been responsible for these unheard-of temperatures for a building fire involving kerosene and steel.

And indeed, nano-thermite was discovered at the site, which by its very presence, would indicate that it was there for the purpose of bringing the towers down.

People! Marvin Bush – Dubya’s youngest brother – sat on the Board of Directors for Stratasec/Securacom, which ran electronic security at the World Trade Center during the 9-month elevator renovation that was done on the buildings by Ace Elevator Co., completed just weeks before the attacks.

Within the elevator shafts, access could have been gained into 4-foot crawl spaces between floors, where explosives could have been planted without workers in the buildings realizing it or seeing what was going on. It would have been relatively easy to hide this work from the tenants by the “elevator repair crews” blocking their access to one elevator at a time. Moreover, there were always several entirely empty floors in the buildings (I could actually watch the Sun setting *through* the buildings, weather permitting) – and, as it happens, at that time, occupancy of the towers was an all-time low.

During the time of this elevator renovation, it was reported that there were strange noisy workers inside the buildings, operating on the empty maintenance floors. Look up William Rodriguez, Ben Fountain, and Scott Forbes if you need witnesses to this. And also look into the “power down” and evacuation drills, which were conducted the very weekend before 9/11.

Who would you put your money on being the liars, here? NIST and the diabolically evil conspirators, eager to cover-up their gargantuan crimes – or the FDNY and other first responders?

Technical Papers on 9/11 collapse up for peer review @

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Alexandra Bruce

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