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Most people look for answers in the environment and don’t think much for themselves or really have opinions of their own.

You just can’t forcefully wake them up. They are going to have to figure it out for themselves but you can nudge and tell them truths little by little as long as it doesn’t overwhelm them and little by little they will be capable of being deprogrammed.

Their beliefs represent unconscious beliefs. They trust the external world much more than they trust themselves.

They must separate from the herd and it has to come from them realizing that they are powerful beings and powerful souls. They most often though will choose to stay in their own world.

Best thing we can do is just show as much compassion as possible.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Truly the majority follows their nose, like horses that have bits and reigns so that riders can point their heads in the direction riders and teamsters want them to go.

    Looking at this lovely young lady it is self evident she too is following style trends, so it really does boil down to what one hears, sees and feels, the later two being the most influential.

    So beware what you permit your senses to be fed. Each sense is subject to the will which in the beginning, has the power to control what we allow to influence us.

    The internet is increasingly being taken over by the same Edward Bernays crowd of mind controllers that took over TV. It’s very subtle at first, but it’s a spiral into despair, depravity and hopelessness!

    By the use of stimulations for our baser nature, lewdness and violence are programmed into the minds of viewers. Even wholesome videos are increasingly interrupted by corrupt, imbicilic ads, from which one must take active measures to protect their minds.

    The purpose of which is to set saps up to yield to the “controllers” programing!

    • Very true. Regarding how influenced she is by the latest styling trends, there is a noticeable lack of tattoos or piercings, which in the scheme of things is a relatively recent phenomenon. She’s not the female version of Justin Beaver, AKA The Illustrated Man.

      There is no telling how many people were doomed with health problems because of Bernays’ influence re: smoking, etc. He is soaked with blood.

      The programming is everywhere: TV, internet, radio, newspapers, books, magazines, billboards. Too many people don’t filter the bad out. Just look at the music business. Perhaps at one time the cream did rise to the top and the most talented got the airplay. Nowadays, at least since the late sixties, whatever was promoted the most and was backed by the most money, talent be damned, became people’s favorite music and the soundtrack to their lives. It’s a fact that the more a person hears a particular tune, the more that person starts to form an attachment to it. The additional peer pressure, liking something because someone else does, factors in also.

      I haven’t watched TV in many, many years. The only time I ever see it is at a friend’s house, in a store, restaurant, or bar, or when I turn it on in a hotel / motel room to drown out noise. It is shocking to see it now: very poor acting, most everything unwatchable, loud commercial interruptions with some freaking drug that beats fingernail problems but watch those fatal side effects, shows and movies terrified at not having a diverse enough cast, commercials over filled with one particular group of people. It is so alienating that I turn it to an Hispanic channel and doze off nicely.

  • Out of 30%, only 10% braves.

    This doesn’t mean they are totally wrong, but it’s just a reality they want to live in.


    • You mean NPC

      The ratio sounds right, if I remember correctly, Schwab mentioned that Asians are easier to to be controlled.

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