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    • If there is one thing TC is doing great, that would be to play a comedian:) His face expressions tell all what his brain is digesting at any given moment. Putin on the contrary has a big time delay on what his brain is thinking and what he is actually saying. IN the first moment it looks like he is telling the truth, BUT maybe still it would be good to put everyone in front of the camera, connected to a lie detector… Mentioned it already somewhere else, but here one more time, what is the difference between nazification and communism? And if Putin is so good in knowing all the details, why is he not doing anything about it, like the ‘climate change’ caused blown out Nordst… pipelines?? How about the 2020 elections? And the labs in Ukraine, all leading to covid19 crimes, in which there is NO DIFFERENCE between west and east.
      Well, Putin can’t be a good KGB agent, in addition to wearing black glasses he would need to learn better english… Last but not least, jsu wonder how the good old Joe would perform in that situation.

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