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    by Jim Hoft

    on Tuesday Mr. Reagan on YouTube released a video that has since gone viral. In the video Mr. Reagan highlights the recent work by The Gateway Pundit and our Michigan contributors and investigative team, Patty McMurray, Ben Wetmore, Phil O’Halloran, and Braden Giacobazzi on the GBI Strategies voter registration scandal.

    Mr. Reagan: ladies and gentlemen, now we’ve got it. We have got the evidence. This is all due to the amazing reporting of Ben Wetmore and Patty McMurray and, of course, Jim Hoft over at the Gateway Pundit. This is the smoking gun, folks. It’s a smoking gun of widespread voter fraud in Michigan and also indicates widespread voter fraud across the country. Now, this should be the biggest story in the country right now, and yet no one is covering it. The only one I’ve seen pick up the story in any significant way is Steve Bannon. No mainstream news organizations have covered this at all…

    …What if I told you that now we have proof of widespread voter fraud in favor of Joe Biden, the smoking gun that Democrat politicians and so called journalists have insisted does not exist since November of 2020? What if I told you we’ve got it? Well, then not only would we be able to prove that Donald Trump is innocent of this big lie nonsense, but we might even be able to prove that he actually won in 2020. Let’s get into it. In October 8, 2020, a black female identifying herself as Brianna Hawkins dropped off a massive dump of voter registration applications at the Muskegon, Michigan city Clerk’s office. It is estimated that Hawkins delivered between eight and 10,000 voter registration applications. These applications were immediately flagged as fraudulent, and the police were called. The police then followed Brianna Hawkins back to her office, which they then raided. In these offices, police found guns, silencers, burner phones, prepaid cash cards, and, of course, partially filled out voter registration applications.

    October of 2020, some women brought in some stacks of these registrations in Muskegon, Michigan, into the city clerk’s office. We’re talking about tens of thousands, we believe, but in that office, the report says 8000. And the city clerk noticed that they all had the same handwriting. She contacted the state police. They started an investigation. They found the two offices locally where they were filling out these registrations. The policeman raided one of these offices. When they went into these offices, Steve, they found semi automatic weapons. They found silencers. They found bags of these prepaid cash cards. They found burner phones. It’s unbelievable, this story. And we also know that this group had several offices across Michigan.

    Jim Hoft: They turned it over to the FBI, and you know what happened, Steve? This will shock you but it died. The last update was, I believe, in 2022, and it says that it’s still being investigated. So you know what that means. Steve nothing’s being done. They have done nothing with this. Just like Hunter’s laptop that goes to the FBI and then disappears. So this is just another instance that shows that our FBI is against the people of this country and they’re participating in stealing the elections. I think we found the culprits here.

    Mr. Reagan: Now, keep in mind that these were not fraudulent ballots. These were fraudulent voter registration applications. But a great way to get legitimate ballots that you would then fill in fraudulently would be to get a lot of fake voter registrations processed. So when we’re talking about voter fraud, this is one step in the process of rigging an election. This is just as serious as if they’d found boxes full of fake ballots.

    They were filling out registrations. They need these bloated voter rolls in order to cheat and steal. And I believe that that’s something I.

    Firmly believe it’s the predicate when you get them to get the mail in the phony ballot, harvesting the mail in ballots, the predicate you got to get the phony registrations. That’s what they’re doing in the college towns that’s they did in Nevada, that’s they did in Pennsylvania. That’s what they’ve done. That is a predicate, has to be done.

    Watch this entire video.

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    • Oh, Groovy, and yet, this landslide of blatant Election Fraud will vanish yet again into the Nothingburger franchise. I remember the real reason that the SCOTUS refused to rule on the massive Voter Fraud shortly after November 3rd was that they were afraid of the massive Riots that would break out by Antifa and BLM. And yet, we “American Patriots” are leaving Donald Trump to defend against this obvious Election Interference before 2024 all by his lonesome ass. After all, we say, he’s Donald Trump. I would like to lend Trump an assist, but it seems that me and 75 million other wanna-be “Patriots” are afraid that we may be January 6ed and (Horrors!) locked up in one of the trillions of jail and prison cells that America must possess in order to make us so afraid. Guess what? I myself have had the honor of “Touring” this nation’s two biggest state prison systems in both Texas and California, and I can assure you that there are no “trillions of jail and prison cells” lurking in America! They are a very finite number of jail & prison cells, as well as a finite number of personnel to maintain them. Any idiot would know that our marching mildly into DC, an enemy territory outside of American jurisprudence (unarmed, yet!), was the biggest tactical blunder since Custer marched the 7th Cavalry into the Little Big Horn, but we must not allow that to rule or even influence our audacity. Want to help Trump by taking the Enemy’s focus off of Trump so that he can “Take Care of Business” as he is expected to do? The solution is simple. They are afraid of Donald Trump. Ergo, we need only give them something to fear more than Donald Trump: The combined wrath of “We the People” should they continue to meddle and conspire to interfere with our chosen Leader.
      Historical Fact: In the 60s, the Negroes did not win their Equality and their Civil Rights by asking nicely while hiding within their hovels; they convinced the white Democrat Party that it was the right (and the wisest) thing to do. Civil Disobedience starts by Failing to Comply!

    • Just what we need more stinkin smokin guns , lets give the hanging judge a whole new meaning and see if that works . When only BAR mason lizard lawyers will be selected as federal judges or the case is moved to federal courts if they think they could lose the fix is in. The court system is more rigged than the crooked ass elections . No lawyer wants the case If they resist they get BARRED , and your case is against .gov , plus you saw what they did to trumps lawyers all ground to dust just for trying no winners.

    • it doesnt seem to matter….they’re not getting any traction. this is a communist bolshevik destruction and takeover of the US. the horror stories you heard as a child maybe about ruthless unforgiving leaders in china, russia, north korea is what you have become.

      They’ll start a worldwar before they ever ever answer to any questions on election subversion or anything they have polluted. There is no starving of the beast, it must be killed.

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