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We’ve been hearing for a few decades that human activity is warming our planet, taking humanity to the edge of extinction. But now, as science begins to understand Earth’s place within the context of the electric Solar System (and Galaxy), the meaning of the present warming plateau becomes clearer.

The Earth-Sun connection, together with the Sun’s galactic environment, can help to explain climate extremes of every kind. Today, new voices and new perspectives are bridging the theoretical gaps, and independent investigations have reached some startling conclusions. No one knows the future, but some of the electrical changes in our Solar System could point to catastrophic change on the horizon , according to Ben Davison.

Davison is the researcher behind the Suspicious0bserver channel on YouTube. He was classically trained in law and legal research, before taking up independent research in diverse sciences. His online presence has been a constant source of data dissemination, inspiring public interest in a variety of scientific fields, including the ‘electric universe’ theories. Ben focuses on the daily solar environment and the electromagnetic interactions between the Sun, Earth, and the Galaxy. It was this interdisciplinary “due diligence” that led him to the surprising conclusions he will present at the conference.

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