“If we don’t turn this thing around, if we don’t put the people who ran Russiagate behind bars, if we don’t put the people who are spying on us behind bars, we’re not going to have a country left…

“Biden would be worse than Hillary Clinton because Biden wouldn’t be running anything. You’d have people like Hillary Clinton, the Obamas, Susan Rice, John Brennan, the Clappers and the Comeys and and the criminals who would basically be the ones running a Biden administration. They might may not even let him out of his basement if he’s president.

“So, I think what we’re looking at is an extremely dangerous situation and it’s made more dangerous by the fact that there are still a bunch of, I would say enemies of the President who are involved in making policy in his administration, so that his policies are not so clear; what he’s trying to do is no longer so clear, it’s been somewhat distorted by people like Pompeo – and if you want, I can go through what Pompeo did in London the last couple of days, where he basically embraced people who ran Russiagate, so it’s not surprising that people are confused.

“But a clear strong message from the President, which calls Americans back to the mission of making our nation a great example for the world.”    – Harvey Schlanger

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