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    Journalist Alex Newman joins Greg Hunter to say that this 2020 election fraud is the biggest in the history of the free world.

    He says, “This is not typical election fraud. This isn’t a bunch of criminals trying to kick secret contracts to their buddies…this is much more serious than that…This is on a whole other level.

    “They are not just trying to steal our money, they are trying to steal our country, our future, our liberties and our constitutional system of government. That is, by definition, treason. It is waging war against the United States.”

    We are witnessing a war-gamed, planned takeover of the United States government, financed by Wall St. bankers, the same group who financed the October 1917 Russian Communist Revolution.

    “The fact that no charges are being filed and no investigations going on, it tells you everything you need to know about AG Barr, the DOJ and the FBI. . . . There is a coup underway right now, a coup d’état. . . .Their goal is a complete overthrow of the United States of America.”

    Still, Alex says, “If I had to take a guess as to what would happen, I’d say probably, Donald Trump will end up the President but they’re going to use all these shenanigans to try to cast him as illegitimate and it’s going to make the last four years of coup attempts; the Russia Hoax, the ridiculous conspiracy that Trump is an agent of Putin, the fake Ukraine scandal – all these fake scandals – that’s gonna look very mild in comparison to what we’re going to see in the next four years, if Donald Trump remains in office and as of right now, I think that’s still a very real possibility despite what the Fake News and the social media companies want us to believe.”

    Greg asks Alex, “The FBI Director and Bill Barr. Where are these guys? Where are they?”

    Alex replies, “I have been sounding the alarm about Bill Barr from the very beginning and a lot of Trump people got mad at me. ‘Oh! You can’t say that! Bill Barr, he’s a good guy. If Trump trusts him, he’s got to be good.’

    “The guy comes from the swamp. He’s got ties to the former Bush administrations, he’s been involved with the Central Intelligence Agency. This is not a guy that can be trusted. He talks a good game. I mean, you hear his speeches, you’re like, ‘Wow! Why doesn’t the media report that this stuff is right on point?’ I think that’s part of the deception.

    “But even more concerning…to me than having a swamp creature running the Department of Justice is Mark Esper running the Department of Defense. This guy is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, he has publicly rebuked President Trump for suggesting the Insurrection Act might need to be invoked. This is a recipe for a disaster…

    “I think right at the right moment they’re going to try to make this look real bad for Donald Trump, they’re going to try to make it look like he wants to use the military to stay in power, when really, they’re trying to use the military to remove him from power, illegitimately.

    “I think Mark Esper is a crucial man in this operation. I said from the very beginning, you cannot trust somebody from the Council on Foreign Relations, unless he knows something that i don’t and i don’t think he does…

    “I think Mark Esper is an even bigger danger than Bill Barr, right now. Bill Barr is clearly beyond useless. I mean we’ve got criminals running around, they’re rioting, they’re burning, they’re breaking every Federal law on the books, they’re crossing state lines, they’re rigging the election. I mean, every law on the books is being flagrantly violated, right now and Bill Barr just acts like he doesn’t see it…It’s ludicrous.

    “But the military is the real key institution. It’s the institution that Americans trust and it is ultimately the institution that holds the ultimate Trump Card – and right now, unfortunately, it’s in the hands of a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    “It’s a very dangerous situation. I hope Donald Trump will ask Mark Esper for his resignation, post-haste and put a real patriot in there, somebody with military experience – I’d bring General Flynn back – put that guy in there and let’s turn the tide, here because the election is being stolen.”

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    Leave a Reply to Jonathan F Cancel reply

      At 74 years old, I still play volleyball. Not like I did at 24. Smarter, maybe. I remember most of what I learned, and came to believe. America is a dangerous place! More dangerous than surfing with JAWS or parachuting (if you first don’t succeed – don’t parachute). But counterbalance this with the knowledge that non of us will get out of this alive, and you’ll do better than most.
      I have come to believe, that like rotting fish, corruption starts at the head and works its way to the tail. You’re going to come across lots of maggots. Courts are corrupt from head to toe, and from local to…well you get the picture. And more over, the media was taken over completely – a long, long, time ago in the good old US of A. Poor Trump and the media. It’s been a long time since President Kennedy’s assassination, by forces not understood at the time. Lee Harvey Oswald and I have a close connection. I was kissed on the cheek by his girl friend. And President Kennedy – My Aunt met him and had her picture taken with him.
      Without our vigilance over our courts and our press we will have neither. Out of the chaos that will ensue will be that New World Order if we fail to wake up in time. We The People are being controlled by what we hear and what we are told to think. The best thing we can do is turn off the Boob Tube, stop reading from the controlled media and get a good night’s rest. Then start interacting with one another. But, aren’t ‘They’ saying we can’t do that any more??? No more Public Meetings or Gatherings??? Eat out in the cold like the poor people (unless you’re rich, very rich)??? And what’s with no more church??? You need to fear the virus.
      We cannot continue to remain being locked down and stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. Take a chance on life. Don’t be locked into fear.
      When we saw Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done, not wearing a mask, and then speaking untruth, we should have taken it seriously with all the “OTHER” lies we see in the news. When it comes to the smell of rotten fish in your own community, it is going to affect . You can be the solution. Clean it up. And remember what Smokey always says, “It’s up to you…”

      I live in Monterey California, The seat of the new world order. Here, the rich and famous mingle with the politicians they support. World class eateries and golf courses such as Pebble Beach, Cypress, and Spyglass abound. This is where all the real important stuff is planned, on the golf course. Then, often, it is shoved down our throats.

      Twenty-two years ago 13 year old Christina Marie Williams was abducted, raped, and murdered here in the seat of the New World Order. “Several” suspicious men in a Ford Granada with grey primer were encountered in the area before the abduction. A female jogger overheard the statement “Leave her alone, she isn’t the type we want.” Immediately after the abduction, the men and car were seen by another woman who noted seeing a frightened Christina Williams peering out the back seat window as the car drove off. A 7-11 Store clerk saw the same described men with Christina. They kept her out of view of security cameras.
      President Clinton was in town. It was June 12, 1998 and Christina Williams was abducted at 7:40 in the evening, and her remains not recovered until January 12, 1999. Three girls turned up missing. All three had ties to the same two suspected abductors. As a result of accurate drawing being made of the suspects, over 1,200 leads were received the day the suspect posters were released to the public, on or about July 2nd, three weeks after the abduction. In the course of the investigation, over 7,000 leads came in to authorities. Many, many news stories with additional information were independently released, outside our area. If it wasn’t for visiting news reporters we simply wouldn’t have any facts to work from. FBI and Police department releases were minimal given what we know today. Why? The 1,200 leads in one day and over 7000 leads overall appeared to be going into a ‘black hole’.
      Ekaterina Shcherbakova became missing April 5,1998 about three months prior to Christina. It was reported directly to the FBI that the men in the Williams case operated in an area off of San Pablo street. Ekaterina would have walked within 100 feet of where they were staying the night she disappeared. None of the media or FBI or local police have ever released this information to the public. Why? The information was given to the FBI by three men who afterwards claimed that it was a weird experience they had with the FBI, and “…like they didn’t even want to take the information and it did not appear it was even written down.” Why?
      I had a similar experience with the FBI. Why? I attempted contact by phone and spoke with Rick Lack, lead investigator. He didn’t want to take my report on the original two suspects, stating that the FBI Criminal Profilers had determined that the abductions of this type were always done by middle aged white males and not Hispanic, Latinos or Asians and he wasn’t interested in further information on the original two. The FBI was going in a different direction.
      In later local Herald news stories, it would be stated by FBI sources that they no longer believed that the original suspects even existed. I want it clearly understood that with 1,200 leads the day the wanted posters were released and statements from the three men I interviewed that these men did exist. Why would the FBI claim they didn’t exist? How could they rationally make this statement. I saw these men. I was within 60 feet of them. They were in the same car as they had been seen by others, driving in November i n Monterey.
      On November 23, 1998 at 6:00 AM in Petaluma CA., 17 year old Noelani Burleson was abducted. The car was described the same. The men were described as two Mexicans speaking only in Spanish. This led to speculation it could be connected to the Williams case.
      The girls even looked almost identical. Both Noelani and Christina had Anglo fathers and mothers who were Filipino.. They had her for one hour but she escaped them during a rape attempt. Nearly 6 weeks passed with nothing. Everyone was happy Noelani had escaped. Everyone was concerned because the attacks were eerily the same. In early January just before Christina Williams body was found, sketch artist Jeanne Boylan went to Petaluma and drew accurate sketches based on Noelani’s recall. Her decription to the two men, the drawings, the car, and how the two men acted all indicate they were the same as in the Williams description. Yet, the FBI who had no business being in Petaluma and taking over the investigation made the claim that they could see the connection. Sounds like what Trump is going through to me.


      Even though first news stories in the Williams case ‘ALL’ STATED SEVERAL MEN were first seen in the car, after three weeks that statement was CHANGED TO TWO MEN from that point on. No explanation ever given.
      EVIDENCE OF FAKE NEWS: Were we being told the whole story? Locally, we were not being told the truth. At least some of us thought that. There were many signs. And with no proof a scapegoat emerged.
      Charles Holifield. He did it! The two original suspects never existed! Then, with the passing of time, 17 years went by. The public slept. A cold case (Christina Marie Williams) was reopened.
      The evidence was revisited for DNA. Where the FBI lab had not found any DNA sperm in 1998, now there was an abundance. And after so long, it was still in tact – not even degraded. What luck for an organization describe to me by former head FBI agent Ted Gunderson as, “Totally Corrupt”. An organization that couldn’t find any DNA the first time around the block? But now, it was having great success. Holifield DNA everywhere, so to speak. No one seamed to care that when the evidence bag was opened a closing piece of marked tape was missing and the underwear which originally were size 5 now were being called S, or was it Small? No one took time to clarify anything. Did they even care? Lets just move on, was the continuity of the day, as though it was all scripted. Maybe it was an act? A Dog and Pony Show? OH, and the underwear when taken out of the sealed bag after 17 years was damp, maybe almost wet. What could that possibly mean? All agreed that protocol was to always dry first before sealing in a bag for 17 years.
      It meant ‘nothing’.
      Or did it?
      On March 2, 2020, the trial for Charles Holifield started and was conducted over ten days. On March 19, 2020 witness Dominic Feliciano clearly and unequivocally gave testimony that Judge William D. Curtis son, Billy Curtis Jr. aka William D. Curtis Jr. had asked him to help dispose of a body which Feliciano was shown in the back of the Curtis truck under pallets and canvas. Feliciano believed that what he briefly saw was the body of Christina Williams.
      Other aspects in the trial, all detrimental to Holifield, were brought out in both the Coast Weekly and local Herald newspapers. Neither paper or any other media organization has made Feliciano’s testimony public. Feliciano also stated clearly that the FBI had given him a polygraph test, and that an agent told him he passed the part referencing the dead body in the bed of the Curtis truck. Full circle we come, if there really were three men and not two men. Details are relevant if you take the time to listen and look. But too many details were omitted in the Holifield murder trial. He deserves a lie detector test which he has asked for for 22 years. Then, all we need to do is drain the swamp and remove the creatures.

      I attended all 10 days of trial and did especially pay attention to this testimony which was articulated clearly by Dominic Feliciano.
      This I attest to as my affidavit of Truth. Bob Oliver 831 383-2676
      The Quantum Leap – Issues and Answers

      • that they could see the connection. Sounds like what Trump is going through to me.

        – CUT TO THE CHASE-

        Even though first news stories…..

        ERROR: Should have read: ( FBI) that they could NOT see the connection, Sounds like…

    • The media is the most powerful weapon the dark side has at it’s disposal. Thanks to them, the ongoing perception management program that paints Trump in a very negative light and biden exactly the opposite has effectively steered the fluoride-frequency-GMO brain damaged sheeple to want a luciferian psychopath/pedophile as their president. Perhaps the agency’s election manipulation device (AKA “the hammer”) was involved, who really knows? Perhaps being encouraged by Julian Assange (a true hero IMHO) being in prison half way around the world the demoncrats pulled out the heavy election stealing artillery. They HAD to.. The way DJT (the real POTUS) was going, the various crimes and insidious acts of these entitled swamp rats would become public to the people of America. and they just can’t chance that happening .. afterall there is so much more looting to done – especially when the green new deal kicks off … and if anyone thinks that the election will be called for what it truly was, think again. Our AG and our “justice” department have done NOTHING to help the POTUS or our country for that matter… Bill Barr is a swamp rat and has been since the murders of Randy Weaver’s wife and children… think about it –

    • Watching from Australia, Sidney Powell came out on Lou Dobbs talking about Hammer, score card. 3 percent of votes 🙂 We got this surely. Bannon, Gorka, Powell, you guys and 70 million Americans, come on, there are so many of us world wide, eyes wide open. Come on America we can do this globally.

    • Its not over till the fat lady screams. You know like the last time our president Mr Trump won legitly. God bless you and God bless America and our president Mr Trump.

    • Is being edited it’s been changed cut pieces knocked out this is Being redacted on the fly

      It is youtube on steroids…

      “Sure, you can watch this, but we’re going to take out whatever we don’t want you to hear”

    • I’m wondering what we’ll do with the millions of traitors and seditionists in our midst, who are willing to kill all who oppose them. There aren’t enough prisons to put them in, and future presidents would likely set them free. The Left is ruthless, and they’ll never forgive. As they say in the military, “take no prisoners” should be our policy, too. Nothing less than this, will keep them from rising up, and bringing us under the thumb of a communist dictatorship.

      • Liberty can sometimes to tough but tough times shouldn’t’ make us sacrifice our divine protection to life on this planet. Killing millions because of their beliefs is authoritarianism and facsist.

        Perhaps a better answer is to have two separate countries rather than one. We will never agree with the liars on the left and they will never stop until their masses are introduced to the truth and separated from their big gov agencies and identity politics that DIVIdE rather than unite.

    • Ever since J F Kennedy, the Democrats have used the same cheating tactics to win every Presidential Election. But not President Trump.

      Take no notice of any news media, they all originate from the swamp and spew out the same sewerage propaganda.

      The swamp have a huge shock coming.

      The despicable Biden will not become President but he will go to Jail.

    • If the President does not find a simple solution to communicate with Patriots, he is going to find it very difficult.

      Small aircraft flying over towns and cities pulling communication banners displaying times and places of rallies might be one way?

    • Dominion Voting Systems from Denver CO is the largest electronic voting systems vendor in the US.

      Investors in the company, according to various reports, are the Chief of Staff for Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein’s husband.

      One notorious acquisition of theirs was Diebold who famously made very hackable voting machines.

      According to Fox Business’ show w Maria Bartolio, there are reports of major vote switches from Trump to Biden on Dominion machines in Georgia and at least one other state.

      Here’s a background article about them –

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