This is a short clip of of podcast available to subscribers of Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report. She’s joined by popular 4th generation Russian emigré blogger, the Saker for their quarterly review of the geopolitical transition underway.

The Bretton Woods global financial system is unraveling and a multipolar world is emerging. They debate what is happening in Europe and whether the Neocons will succeed in destroying themselves as they unravel the American Empire.

The two marvel at the clueless puppet Emmanuel Macron, who is in real trouble with the Gilets Jaunes protesters, now in the 13th week of protesting all over France, demanding his resignation.

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  • Catherine Austin Fitts,
    To answer the question too the video “The Emerging Multipolar World” plus the Neocons. The Neocons are really the Khazarian Mafia that came to the USA to deliberately destroy the United States of America and they are not trying to hide themselves anymore. These are the people that need to be deported with prejudice or placed behind bars with no windows or any sun light for many decades. You want to be shocked what is actually going on in the USA research them and then light will you soon see at the end of your tunnel.

  • Seems like the labour pains have started in governments around the world…..and no one knows just what the baby will be & who will be raising it. Very strange times to be sure.
    I am so happy to see the ‘Yellow Vests’ still in action….people who are so fed up and shattered with the powers that be and have seen the length to which the NWO will go to put their plans in place. Lets’ not kid ourselves this is being tried out and if it succeeds will be coming to the country of your choice too!
    I’m always amazed at the outright ‘in your face’ tactics used on the citizenry of the world….it’s evident that (thankfully) their actions are so
    ‘out there’ that it’s fuel for the fires that give resistance it’s success.
    Time to wake up world….or else we’ll all be facing the big dirt nap just waiting for us around the corner. Vive La Yellow Vests!

  • She says that Macron doesn’t know how to cope with “an unravelling.”
    Fact is, nobody does.
    The whole commercial world everywhere (maybe not Russia, i don’t know) has been built on a foundation of inexorable madcap expansion. 48 forward gears, and no reverse. Retrenching skills are lacking everywhere.
    Credit to Macron for going out on the street.
    No leaders is the only safe or safe-ish, way to go.
    If a leader emerges for the people, the establishment has “seventeen ways from Sunday” to deal with her or him.
    Grassroots government is the only way to counter their murderous, blackmailing, foul and secret techniques.
    As to how this will manifest, the specific form it will take, we had all better start thinking about it, and talking to our friends, because we can’t leave it to the wonderful French to save the whole damn world.

  • Sooooo funny! Fitts is so real. Truth is so refreshing
    In January, I think it is Jan 12, 2020 a massive conjunction of planets called a stellium, which happens in association with cataclysmic events, will happen. It may make 2008 look like a tiny warm up. Ahhhh! 🙂
    I am scared but I am laughing too hard to notice!

    • around 10th-13th Jan 2020, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the sun are in 22 degrees of Capricorn. It’s an unusually tight stellium, but such an event is not, in itself, unusual.
      There’s also a full moon on the 10th which is tight too, being an annular eclipse. May not bring the end of the world, (we have to navigate 11 more very dangerous months first), but anyone with any sensitive point in their chart, aspected in any way to 22 degrees Capricorn, is going to feel something, most likely.

  • To say that Macron doesn’t KNOW what he is doing in France against the “Yellow-Vested” movement is NAIVE….Of course he KNOWS! He is just Pure EVIL, and he is a Ex-Banker whole MUST Know what he is doing because of this Fact.
    Evil people are Very “Clever” , with LOADS of Knowledge about the “Common People” and is WHY they use this knowledge to stay steps ahead of their “Sheeple”.
    They use highly advanced Technology to accomplish this “Control” over their sheeple…Only ITS NOT WORKING AS IT USED TO…BECAUSE THERE IS AN “AWAKENING” ON-GOING.
    I’m also VERY aware of the REAL reason WHY this so-called “Global Warming” BS is being promoted by these Government “Creatures”, and it has Nothing to do about what they claim it is.
    There is actually a incoming ENERGY that is Arriving in FEMALE form….The Original Creative Energy called MELANIN.
    So ALL the Luciferian/Satanist are Very desperate on attempting to keep “Control” and are LOOSING IT.
    They are just Vainly LYING their ashes off trying to FOOL everyone with their Media Monsters, like “Info-Wars…New News…Rumormillnews…Operation Disclosure…Zerohedge…RedefiningGod…MillenniumReport..Etc. to keep Feeding US with their “Hopium” BS .
    A realistic study of “OUR-Story” will reveal this TRUTH…A TRUTH one will never get unless they SEARCH for it.

  • It’s not just France that’s having yellow vest movements happening. They were FIRST! I can hear Marcron say “let them eat cake” as he is lead to the guillotine, while his wife/high school teacher weeps in the background…… I know, I’m an optimist…. But Vive la France!


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