Here’s Part 2 of Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt’s interview of Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan, discussing the details of his viral article, “The Truth About Corey Goode,” which attempts to explain the story of this person, who claims to be a member of Secret Unacknowledged Special Access Programs inside the military associated with UFO and space operations. Goode has never offered any actual evidence for his amazing claims.

Ryan explains asserts that genuine research into the Secret Space Program by legitimate UFO investigators and whistleblowers, like Dr. Joseph Farrell, Richard Dolan and Gary McKinnon is being co-opted and diluted by people like Corey Goode. Ryan describes a the mind control technology and  consciousness hijacking revealed by whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan.

Dr. Duncan leaked disturbing information about a deep intelligence program that targets unstable, compromised individuals under personal and financial pressure to come forward with unverifiable information or sensationalist stories, as a way to drag down UFO credibility and control the narrative around independent research that gets too close to the truth.

Ryan claims that based on his own personal interactions with Goode, he has concluded that Goode is a prime example of a victim of this kind of insidious program, that turns a human being into a manipulated puppet of a larger agenda.

Are Goode’s “New Age Sci-Fi fantasies” being presented as the truth, with no corroborating evidence in a concerted effort to discourage legitimate research? Is he the product of a coordinated effort to create a bogus UFO Celebrity, in order to distract from genuine investigation into the missing trillions, which more reliable sources, like Catherine Austin Fitts suspect have been pumped into a Secret Space Program?

Informative and compelling, you don’t want to miss this exciting Dark Journalist episode!

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  • I have had the pleasure of meeting with Bill Ryan in person as well as seeing him work (conducting an interview). As a journalist, one has to acknowledge the difficulties in conducting research in these fields when so much is being intentionally distorted, sources rely on “intuition” or “channeling” and regression.

    It boils down to credibility and integrity. Here Bill is a role model and I have the highest regard and respect for Bill and his capacity to discern truth. Please hear what Bill is saying here and let his conclusions be part of Your own judgement processes.

    As fascinating and compelling Corey Goode’s stories are, so far nothing indicates this is objective truth. It remains fascinating, not unlike Fiction or Science Fiction stories.

    Until actual objective proof has been presented, any researcher or observer would benefit from not assuming the stories are true. Enjoy them for what they are.

    Please respect Bill for his courage to expose and reveal what is obvious, even if it is not popular or well received.

  • I love how Bill takes things apart and puts them back together and makes sence of them..

  • Ryan makes some good points throughout the interview that are worth considering. The debate continues to rage online, now with DJ taking his mark on the stage of internet demonization with Ryan. The revisited Wilcock (DW) statement that DW is the reincarnation of the Sleeping Prophet has always been a huge red flag to me, too. I agree that people who say they “were” someone famous in a past life don’t have a solid grip on this one and, I’d add, are likely consumed by status issues. I used to be famous and now all I can say it that I used to be someone famous? Yikes. Being famous is not all that and a bag of chips, I guarantee. Some want it desperately. It feeds an unabated adolescent pandering need for attention. Mostly though, it sucks when you are not in pursuit of the limelight and it is thrust upon you anyway due to circumstances beyond your control.


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