If you’re in the US and within earshot of a TV, you’ve probably noticed the pearl-clutching-du-jour in response to Trump’s unflattering comments about the late Senator John McCain (AZ-R).

Please. Those intoning about McCain’s life of “service” belong in a psych ward. McCain was universally hated while he was alive and this bogus sanctimony just crystallizes the zombie hypocrisy of the so-called mainstream.

McCain never met a war he didn’t like and he was very hands-on with his ISIS protégés, whose final stronghold in Syria was liberated yesterday by US forces and allies.

McCain was traitor for overseeing the financing, arming and training of ISIS and he was a traitor for leaking the “Pee-Pee Dossier” to 14 members of the media. Former MI6 officer, Christopher Steele was paid over $1.2 million dollars by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and the FBI to produce this fraudulent tome compiled from a CNN chat board and it was used as the basis for the Mueller Investigation.

McCain’s leaks had long been suspected but they were confirmed last week with the unsealing of the deposition of David Kramer, a longtime associate of the late Senator.

Gina Shakespeare reveals the manifold facets of McCain’s treason, reading from Jeff Carlson’s March 15th article in the Epoch Times.

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  • It’s such a disgrace that these ‘men’ & let’s not forget HRC put together this dossier on Pres.Trump. If only they put their ‘brains’ ( not much there) time (too much) & money (ours) to doing the country & its’ people some good; just think we’d have the money for the Wall, all built & doing what its’ supposed to do….more jobs; medical care; education; its a veritable ‘heaven’ of good deeds. But no…..they followed their evil ways and it turned around and bit them on the ass…Karma is such a B_ _ _ h guys!
    It’s too bad that Senator McCain & Papa Bush can’t text from their ‘other dimension’ and fill these rotten Bast_ _ _ _s in on what’s waiting for them; inquiring minds want to know!!! 🙂

    • McCain had been a Senator for much much longer than the 2016 campaign or the presidency of DJT.
      He was a warmonger and did everything he could to keep us in a constant conflict somewhere, anywhere, in the world. He and his wife made millions off of government contracts for supplying all the bases, etc with bottled water! A much-needed commodity in the desert to say the least.. No, he was NO friend of the enlisted people putting their lives on the line day in and day out! He was in fact a dirty politician with the blood of thousands on his hands so his family could be very very rich! He is not ‘famous’ but rather ‘infamous’!

  • One can only imagine the affront McCain, Romney, Ryan felt being thumped by Donald Trump, whom they think is so inferior to them, winning the Presidency! They showed and still show their disdain. Their last thought at night must be “how did a guy like this beat us to the race to the top?” I was so disappointed in McCain (he ruined his own legacy), Romney continues to besmirch his by his righteousness and our very own (Yes, I am from Wisconsin.) Deep State Ryan is highly suspicious in his dealings with harming Trump’s (our) agenda. Thank God, Trump is not a quitter, because he sure has not had help from our “distinguished” leaders.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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