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    Unlike some other videos I’ve run on 9/11 over the past week, there is no debate about the facts discussed here.

    James Corbett has released the most exhaustive video about the numerous war games that were taking place on 9/11. The sheer number of different drills taking place that day is overwhelming to contemplate. That they were coordinated to take place concurrently and that this fact was diabolically exploited to pull off the tightly-scripted atrocities engineered to change our world is what’s most disturbing of all.

    On 9/11, our National Security Infrastructure was weaponized against itself. As many as 29 full simulated attacks continued to be injected into the radar screens of air traffic controllers throughout the attacks and even after they had ended, making it very difficult for them to properly respond. An overabundance of fighter jet exercises being conducted in the region of the hijackings made it additionally confusing to separate simulations from “real world”. Inexplicably, over a dozen commercial planes squawked hijack codes from their transponders before being escorted down by fighter jets, including a Korean airliner over Alaska.

    The late Michael Ruppert, shown speaking about this here says that these war games, code named Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Guardian, Northern Vigilance and Tripod 2 paralyzed the air traffic controller response during the “actual” attacks and these turned out to be the “Holy Grail” of Ruppert’s 9/11 investigation.

    Corbett asks, “What does it mean when a simulation of a catastrophic and catalyzing event takes place at the exact same place and time as that event is happening in real life? This is one of the many crucial questions of 9/11 that have been swept under the rug over the past 17 years but it is not a rhetorical question. It is a very real question with a very real answer and until that question is answered, we will never find justice for the victims of 9/11 [and the wars launched in its name].”

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    • Seems like the videotape can identify the liars and traitors by matching the perjurers to the facts.

      This event was clearly orchestrated by compromised individuals in powerful positions in gov’t and corporations, at the behest of some really evil Zionistic, Luciferian masters of wealth.

    • Just who did the programing for the simulations? Great distractions, kind of like playing games on your phone. At any rate, it was somebody else that had responsibility, right? Well, when you have the ability to choke missiles as air planes, why not do that during a simulated attack? That way you have pin point accuracy, unlike with a jet flying at max speed at low altitude, that’s why there was no wreckage of planes. Plus having the buildings wired with explosives, and a small nuke at the bottom of elevator shaft #50 in three buildings. It starts to look like one thing but, in all actuality, was something else. We needed a new set of wars, that have been laid out for forty years at least. As well as implement the way to take the state into the complete surveillance business, (more taxes). Freedom, is in the mind of the beholder, and no where else. I apologize for my point of view, but, it’s true. The military industrial complex runs the world, and has no problem finding “programmable” people, thanks MK ULTRA. Pull It, lucky Larry. Win, Win, install a new bank to stay in the world, or be replaced with the next puppet. Well, that’s a few dots I have seen. Keep your eyes open, and not glued to the game board in your hand that keeps track of every thing you do. Best wishes to see beyond the trap. Good Day.

    • Isn’t it interesting, that the plot was so complex, and these extraordinary details are still surfacing after seventeen years, but the “authorised version” was so simple. This says something about human (sheepish) psychology.
      Those war games were expensive!
      It’s obvious who must have been behind it. Only the wealthiest people on the planet. No one else could be keeping the lid on it. Forget about Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.; they are only tools. Look to the paymasters, and you can’t even blame them, really.
      Who has put them in their position of power? In a place which no human being could ever handle? We have. Everybody who invests in stocks, bonds, interest-bearing bank accounts, contributes to the obscene wealth of the crato-crats. It’s our own selfish greed which has brought this situation.

    • Even MORE BS about WHAT happened rather than WHO did it leading to the ARREST and PROSECUTION of those Nations and Agencies who carried out the attacks.
      Isn’t it ODD that after 17 years NO ONE has been OFFICIALLY Charged or ARRESTED Yet???
      Lots of TALK about so -called “50,000 “Indictments” and “Mass-Arrest”….Yet No ACTIONS.
      Then ask WHAT sort of court system will They by tried by?…The present Treasonous one, based on Canon (Vatican) Law???
      Remember ALL current Governments rule by Canon Laws Systems, which view their “Citizens” (Slaves) as “Property” which have NO RIGHTS.
      And you stand around wondering WHY Nothing has happened yet???
      All Governments rule by keeping US in FEAR:
      Fear vs Freedom:

    • Don’t these satanists have to tell us what they’re going to do before they do it? Perhaps all we have to do is identify what they’re predicting through Hollywood, Netflix etc. and publish our response, No deal! We’d have to figure out what the ‘offer’ is and spoil their tacit agreement scam. Could it be that simple? I mean one thing you can say for sure is that information coming through the MSM is definitely coming from them.

      • NSA Act of 1947 allows MSA and CIA to take funds from any other agency to use for whatever purpose desired–both w/out requirement for any disclose. This is the inception of the covert funding for “Special Access Programs” which included advanced tech+aerospace projects (think reverse-engineering of downed craft, also big on the scene after WWII, Op Paperclip, UFO boom, etc…)

    • As someone who has been “conspiracy mongering” since the 1960’s starting with the “Bircher” classic None Dare Call It Conspiracy,… by 2001 I’d had gone through expecting a many times predicted collapse, FEMA camps, etc etc. don’t get me started on UFO coverups!
      So NOW it’s Yay James Corbett? 9/11 again? Yeah sure, let’s keep looking backwards, and pattng ourselves on the back for “waking up.”
      James Corbett is controlled opposition. And Alexandra? Not likely cuz her economics are in dire straights. She’s not on Israel’s payroll.
      Go and get caught up with Brendan O’Connell’s channel. Unless I hear Corbett exposing Israel’s TALPIOT program which invades IT structure worldwide, backdoors all software, then I know this “alt” news is controlled Look-over-there misdirection.
      Time to WAKE UP from your junior “waking up” kiddies. Can you, will you? point the finger, all of them…and say ISRAEL did it? IF not, you are part of the mind control pudding.

      • noise.
        “Everyone is controlled opposition unless they blame israelis in every video.. and are financially bankrupt.”
        I think you overdosed on something “back in the 60s”.
        Get a grip.

      • Assuming you are not a bought and paid for troll or an anti-Semite, do you own homework before trashing the messengers. It has for decades been plainly obvious that the US, Great Briton, Israel and Saudi Arabia have orchestrated all kinds of mischief for political and economic hegemony. In case you didn’t notice the very people you demean have exposed what you presume to impose upon them!

        • Gee Jon!…You forgot to add the VATICAN in all of this mess…NOTHING goes down on this planet without the EXPRESSED permission of Them…For they are the MOTHER of ALL “Corporations”…ALL Governments are CORPS.

      • @ Nestor Vulcanelli;

        You are 100% right on about Israel being behind it. The UN has declared that it is in line with making Noahide Laws compulsory in every nation in the world, these laws will come in when one world government comes in, of course, to be run from Jerusalem, and those laws make it illegal to practice any other religion than Judaism, and gentiles can never become proper Jews (not that anyone should ever wish to become one anyway) .

        Anyway, it is a death penalty offence to practice your own religion when those laws come in, howz about that? Rabbis are on video stating all gentiles in the entire world will be made slaves, and that anyone practising Islam or Christianity (and of course all other religions) will simply be KILLED. Some 6 BILLION people practice those other religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc. Other rabbis state how NATO armed forces (of already subjugated nations) will be making all this happen by military force.

        Lenin and Trotsky made a law in Russia immediately following their successful 1917 terrorist takeover of Russia that all anti-semites would be killed, and 66 million Christians in total were slaughtered during the takeover and over the following years, and they were not offered any chance to convert to Judaism or offered the chance to become ‘Noahides’ (half-wit, half-alive slaves grovelling to their masters).

        Stalin made a similar law that anyone who was anti-semitic would be executed, yet the disinfo agents always tell us that Stalin, who did much of their dirty work for them, was actually very antisemitic, thus distancing him and themselves from the genocidal acts of mass slaughter that Stalin initiated on their behalf, so that they can always say that they had nothing to do with the ‘Russian Red Revolution’ or with Stalin, and that they, as usual of course, were the greatest victims of his.

        6 BILLION people follow religions that will get them killed under these coming laws, and whilst this is all being set up, laws against antisemitism and Holocaust denial are being passed as fast as possible, even at the urging of President Putin of Russia., because of course, he had a Jewish mother and is surrounded by Chabad Lubavitchers, as Trump is, and both his parents died in a Jewish nursing home, and his original name was the German Jewish Drumpf.

        3.5 million of the 6 million Jews in Israel came from the USSR or today’s Russia, so Israel is little Russia in truth. And of course, if anyone thought about reacting against the terrorist threat by Israel (little Russia) to unleash it’s Samson Option nuclear threat against the entire world, President Putin has recently stated that he has adopted the Samson Option policy for Russia also, as a world without Russia is ‘unthinkable’.

        This world is under the control of the criminally insane. And Trump goes to regular Kabbalah classes he says in his autobiographical book, ‘Way To The Top’, and of course, he will NEVER repeal the 1991 US Noahide Laws that are already in place like a ticking time bomb waiting to be implemented to slaughter scores of millions of Americans, no doubt because he is soooo much a 5th dimensional chessplayer who is really intent on undermining Jewish Israeli power.

        Of course, Trump is not any such thing, any real patriotic POTUS would immediately repeal those draconian Noahide Laws ASAP, but not Trump, who stated that he is the most loyal POTUS to Israel that the US has ever had, and that his dad was the same as he is, yuck!!! I thought that the POTUS is supposed to be loyal to America. Seems not these days.

    • Corbett’s research and coverage of 9/11 research is unparalleled. As most 9/11 researchers’ efforts CONTINUE to be infiltrated to this day, he has held steadfast and continues to be one of my primary sources in red-pilling others.

    • It means that we have a sick, twisted cult of the Queen witch’s brew running the former United States of America. Yes, that is what it means.

      Does anyone know any magic?

      I’d like someone to develop a pill that everyone can take (no side effects, no big pharma) that will awaken them from the zombie state and see plainly what is going on, who is doing it and want to do something about it.

      But, I’d settle for a witch who could snap her fingers and make it so. LOL.

      I have to laugh, its my defense for how sad this really is. There’s not much else left at this point.

      • Ha ha! Just wishing this am. That I had Harry Potter’s magic Elder Wand to do the same thing!
        The burden of truthful knowledge is very heavy….

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