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    The GameStop, and the Silver squeeze is a paradigm shift that has rattled Wall Street to its very core.

    Millions and millions of small investors attacking stock after stock, breaking every greedy hedge fund there is! I’m certain this is Wall Streets’ worst fear right now! There’s just no way to stop the millions of ants devouring everything that gets in their way!

    Just imagine millions of pissed-off people SHORTING Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and other politically activist tech companies.
    The Reddit WALLSTREETBETS triggered a run on silver, investors bought 28.3% of last year’s ETF total in 1 day.

    Meanwhile, the Market manipulators are the ones calling it market manipulation. Is that Not Ironic!
    When Wall Street wins, no problem. When Wall Street loses, suddenly we need more regulation. Only because they have lost control to manipulate!!

    Rules for thee; not for me.

    When a big firm blows out, there should be NO BAILOUT.

    If the Millenials can squeeze silver, it’s the end of fake Fiat currency. Those crooks changed our real money in 1971 to this fake fiat currency. We the people, are waking up to the corruption in a system that is tainted, broken, and controlled by unethical people.

    If we all bought physical gold and silver and demanded delivery on the paper contracts we could bring this great Ponzi experiment called the markets to their knees. There is so much fake paper they couldn’t even cover 10% of it. It would ruin them all.

    Wait until we all buy physical silver. Let the games start. Silver bullet into the heart of the banksters. WE THE PEOPLE.
    On the first day since the Reddit WallstreetBets group started targeting the short position in the silver market, the amount of metal added to SLV was 14.7% of the entire investment supply from last year! It’s a stunning development, as at that rate, these investors would take the entire amount of silver that went to investment last year, in just 7 trading days!

    SLV added 37 million ounces on Friday (according to their data) ! With short squeezes going on in the stock market, that have now spread to the silver market, the first reports are in. And the SLV trust is reporting that 37 million ounces were added in just one single day on Friday! ! Keep in mind that there are other silver trusts that likely added metal as well, and it seems like the Reddit WallStreetBets crowd certainly made an impact yesterday!

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    • SLV is JPMorgan,………they are part of the ‘paper silver’ 100X real reserves scheme,……………….buy a real silver ETF that actually has physical silver in their vault & actually belongs to the fund.

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