This is an important mashup, featuring the work of some of our favorite YouTubers, like James Corbett and Level9News plus new information we’ve not seen anywhere else about the Technocratic Globalist wet dream of implementing a network-centric global Artificial Intelligence system for human command and control that will first be introduced as a way to “upgrade one’s intelligence” and not get “left behind” by automation, as we saw recently during the unveiling of Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

James Giordano, Chief the Neuroethics Studies Program at the Pellegrino Center for Bioethics at Georgetown University speaks to the weaponization and misuse of brain sciences in tandem with a sentient digital simulation of our world, aka the Internet of Things.

He talks about “The use of neural interfacing and physiological interfacing through…remote-controlled, small-scale systems, to create a nano swarm of bio-penetrable materials that you cannot see, that can penetrate the most robust biochemical filters, that are able to integrate themselves through a variety of membranes, mucus membranes and wherever – mouth, nose, ears, eyes and they can be done in such a level that their presence is almost impossible to detect and as such, the attribution becomes exceedingly difficult to demonstrate. The idea here is to put minimal-sized electrodes in a network within a brain through only minimal intervention; to be able to read and write into the brain function in real-time, remotely.”

Neuralnanorobotics are being developed to enable a safe, secure instantaneous real-time interface between the human brain and both biological and non-biological computing systems. This technology would include brain-to-brain interfaces, brain-to-computer interfaces and specifically, brain-to-cloud interfaces, to connect your brain to the cloud in real time and provide you with instant access to the world’s knowledge and Artificial Intelligence, as soon as you think of a specific topic.

This technology will drastically alter the state of communications between humans and machines. Data transfer between living human brains and the cloud will require the use of supercomputers with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. While such supercomputers with processing speeds fast enough to handle the necessary volumes of data already do exist, they still have to perfect the tiny interfacing devices that would be embedded deep in the brain.

One approach for this is to create nanorobots that can be aerosolized to place minimal-sized electrodes in a network within a brain and through only minimal intervention, to be able to read and write into the brain function in real-time remotely. Once inside the brain, the devices would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain state monitoring and data extraction. Patents for such technologies already exist.

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  • Hmmm, connecting the brain directly to the Cloud, sounds an awful lot like connecting directly to the Akashic Records (everything that is and ever was and will be) directly through the Pineal Gland and all one has to do is grow closer to Source! Nanorobotics sounds like the Devil’s path to enlightenment, AKA Illumination, the cheater method that only requires one sell their soul!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Might I recommend that you and your readers watch a film released back in 2015 called “Spotlight”! It was apparently based on a true story.

    It featured a newspaper in Boston USA uncovering the massive, quite unbelievable number of RC Clergy involved in paedophilia against their young congregation, across the entire world.

    I am aware that one of the ceremonies any new Pope must undertake before being ordained, is to rape and then take the life of a young baby.

    I have repeatedly warned that the current Pope is the true Antichrist.

    What many do not realise is, that it was the RC Church that devised the Muslim faith as a means to ensure that the Arab nations did not become Christians!

    The level of sheer ‘Evil’ present in our world is beyond most people’s comprehension. It is therefore vital that you continue with your good work, and those of your readers who have an ounce of integrity in seeing that the word gets out should surely support you with monthly donations, to the best of their means.


  • More parts of the grand conspiracy.

    Would have been much better without the annoying music. What are they attempting to accomplish by adding noise into the clips?


  • The true invasion of the body snatchers.
    And not having to fire a shot.
    If this is the future, I don’t want to be here any longer.
    I will not become a computer.
    Next world please, this one is no longer even close to being natural any longer.

  • It’s not just the brain.

    The nano swarms do much work in your feet, legs, arms, stomach, neck and yes the head – not just the brain.

    They can task these swarms for any purpose, from medicinal use like remote delivery of pharmaceuticals, muscle massage, etc.

    They can also produce the desired result in your brain; from God creation feelings that He is in your brain communicating to you, to the desired fear or reaction to artificially produced sound or actual events that their team creates. Yes, they can manage or produce your feelings, reactions etc.

    As scary as that sounds, the felling lasts for no more than 30 seconds and can be easily come down from like a psychedelic.

    They have been showing me these things because I’ve recently been researching Project Bluebeam, which apparently is real, the the brain doctors are real. Or, they are just producing crap that they perceive I already believe in…

    What they want, more than anything else at this point,,, is DATA for the system based on a thousand various creations by the nanobots, artificial sounds, artificial feelings, injected thoughts – based on how you REACT to them, including whistle-blowing.

    • Another data point badly needed is your fight against the machine. They count on that reaction and require it. Hyper Game Theory is employed here to help them plan the perfect beast that will give them total control. But, total control has not been attempted yet and appears to be a societal change that will occur to everyone via a delivery system like 5G.

      As John Hall says in his book, “Guinea Pigs”, those targeted (a million worldwide) are simply for testing. This is coming to you soon if you continue to live in a 1st or 2nd world country. Certainly all world powers are included and 3rd world will be controlled through controlled leaders.

  • I guess the way to escape would be astral projection, if they captured your brain. Omg what a hideous world these fools want to create.

    • I found a way to kill the bots through an audio via a youtube channel that porports to do exactly that – the audio is by DrVirtual7…

      The audio worked well for the first hour, but then the bots were sprayed back into me via a police/deep state flyby. The aerosol spray smells like old, dirty warehouse dirt…

      What they sprayed me with appears to self replicate when killed or attacked. So now the audio no longer works. Given time, I’m hopeful that these brilliant minds hellbent on helping us survive, come out with an answer to self-replicating Nanodust bots.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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