The Jeffrey Epstein case is opening up old wounds which may be indicative of newer ones.

In 1995, President Bill Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experimentation included Congressional testimonies from child victims who were subjected to trauma-based mind control and kept in cages under the auspices Dr. L Wilson Greene, Technical Director of the Chemical and Radiological Laboratories at the Army Chemical Center.

In the filmed testimonies shown here, victims as young as 9 years old were trained to sexually blackmail powerful politicians and were brainwashed to become assassins.

Victims alleged that CIA Deputy Director Richard Helms, Dr. George Gottlieb and Captain George White and Morris Allen intended to film as many high government officials, heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible in compromising positions with hidden cameras.

President Clinton offered an apology to the victims and financial compensation but there was no investigation and no media coverage of the child victim testimonies.

As Greg Reese, the creator of this video says, “Jeffrey Epstein is nothing new. Epstein was just a spoke in an ancient wheel.”

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  • Dear Alexandra,

    I have just dowsed Epstein’s bioenergy and found him in Israel close to these co-ordinates:
    31°45’40.0″N 35°11’52.1″E.

    Unfortunately, Google Maps is not of high resolution, but it would seem that he is within the vicinity of José Juan Carballo Jimenez.

    His spiritual energy is pretty dreadful, but his physiological energy is as a normal human.

    He certainly does not seem to be suffering from having supposedly hanged himself!


  • Ah, the Clinton Foundation, among other satanic pedophile networks were, and are not being investigated. Money, blackmail, enable things to be swept under the rug.
    Let us hope that the can of worms now opened get to be used, and not to be dropped into the acid.
    I do no think it will go deeply into it all.
    Maybe Bar will do his job part way.


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