Robert F Kennedy Jr and Del Bigtree join the Joni Table Talk show on the Daystar Television Network to discuss the rush toward a $750 billion coronavirus vaccine payday.

Competing laboratories are preparing to bypass animal testing in order to save time, which is not a good idea. A rushed vaccine test for dengue in the Philippines resulted in the deaths of 600 children.

Kennedy explains how governments have been trying unsuccessfully for almost 30 years to develop a coronavirus vaccine. “They put millions and millions of dollars into an effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine. And between 2002 and 2014, they…developed about 35 vaccines and four of them were really promising.

“They chose the four most promising and they gave them to ferrets, which is the animal that is the most analogous to human beings, when it comes to upper lung respiratory infections. The ferrets had a brilliant, robust and durable antibody response. Then, something horrible happened.

“Those ferrets were challenged when they were exposed to the wild virus. They got horribly sick they got the inflammation throughout their bodies and they died.

“And the scientists remembered that something very similar had happened in 1960s, where they had developed a vaccine for RSV, which is very similar to coronavirus, it is an upper respiratory infection ailment.

“They had skipped the animals to give them directly to thirty five children. And the children, again had developed a very robust antibody response. When those children were exposed to the wild virus, they got very, very sick – much sicker than unvaccinated children. Two of those kids had died. It was a scandal.

“And they realized, when the same thing happened with the ferrets that it was something that they called ‘enhanced immune response’ [or] ‘pathogenic priming’. And what it means is, when you get the vaccine, it appears that you have an antibody response – but when you actually encounter the wild virus, you become much sicker and it actually creates a pathway [where] that virus hurts you a lot more than with unvaccinated people. So, this was 2012.

“In 2014, NIH under Fauci developed a dengue vaccine which had some signals in it that there was pathogenic priming. In other words, in the clinical trials they saw some signs that you could get an antibody response but get much sicker when you were exposed – but they ignored them.

“They gave it to the Philippines and they gave hundreds of thousands of children this vaccine and when the dengue came around, those children became horribly ill – and the 600 of them died. And in the Philippines today, people are being criminally prosecuted for that.

“So, the danger with the coronavirus vaccine is that you really need to test on animals first, to make sure whatever the vaccine is, that we don’t get that really great immune response, followed by lethal infections.

“And it’s very, very strange to me and seems almost criminally reckless that Anthony Fauci is allowing these companies to skip animal trials and to go directly to human trials.”

Del Bigtree chimes in, “And if you think about it, how dangerous …that is…Every scientist involved says, ‘We don’t know why this antibody immune enhancement reactions happened.’ They don’t know why it happens.

“So, imagine, you have a hundred companies, right now in this amazing race to make a vaccine that could literally make them about $750 billion if they win it.

“But what happens if they’re testing it on a virus, right? They’re all going after specific virus. We now have 30 mutations already of coronavirus, some of them very significant; changes in the protein.

“What happens if you made a vaccine that actually gets over this problem, that they know is the problem? Tony Fauci, saying publicly, ‘There’s a chance that this could make people more sick so, we got to be very careful.’

“What happens if they think they got around it, right? And they put out the vaccine; Bill Gates gets his wish and Tony Fauci, that everyone’s forced to take it around the world.

“Then, all of a sudden, a mutation comes around and we start seeing it trigger this in Antibody Immune Enhancement, in people that were vaccinated?

“Only problem now is we’ve all gotten this vaccine – and now we’re not having a .1%-2.3% death rate. It’s 20% or 30%. People are having the same issue as the ferrets.

“You could honestly wipe out our species with a vaccine that was rushed to market, that didn’t do proper safety testing – and that’s exactly what they’re describing this as.

“They’re putting two of the most dangerous words together in every article about this vaccine: ‘rushing’ and ‘science’. Those two words should never be in a sentence together.”

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