Wow. This video is a fascinating study of luck, fate, miracles, randomness or whatever you choose to believe. It’s a total white-knuckle ride, regardless of how you choose to characterize the real-life events depicted.

To me, it’s an amazing compilation of real miracles in action – but if you don’t like rollercoasters or scary images, this might not be for you.

The clip contains some of the most hair-raising footage of lucky people, inches away from being seriously injured or even annihilated in awful accidents – but they are left completely untouched and unharmed.

This piece really speaks to me, because I’ve been personally involved in a few incidents similar to the ones seen here. It just wasn’t my “time”.

Mostly captured by municipal CCTV cameras or by cameras mounted on car dashboards, it is more gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring than any Hollywood $200M CGI disaster flick, like the upcoming ‘Geostorm’.

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  • life, can be full of surprises. like, it’s not time yet, you got to go back, bin there done that, when I was young, next time, I’ll be gone…. Life is change, be glad for what you have… Live the life you want, make changes, do your best! There will always be next time, but you will be someone else next time and maybe not remember who, or what you were, enjoy the ride! I know, very vague, and a bit off topic, but not by much.

  • OMG. I, too, have been in more than one of these situations. I could not even believe I escaped without a scratch in every case. Cars were going here and there around me. I was sitting still or weaving through them as they passed. Amazing stuff when you are the one who escapes. You gott’a ask, “Why me?”

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