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At 11:20 AM last Wednesday at a railroad crossing in Crozet, Virginia, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) southwest of Washington DC, an Amtrak train collided with a garbage truck operated by Time Disposal, Inc. One truck passenger was killed and 6 train passengers injured.

The train was carrying hundreds of passengers, several of whom were GOP lawmakers on their way to a retreat at The Greenbrier luxury resort, site of the original Continuity of Government bunker built during the 1950s and decommissioned in 1992.

There are reports from local motorists that the gates at the crossing had been malfunctioning in the days prior to the accident. This still wouldn’t explain how the gates were down at the intersection, the massive garbage truck demolished, the massive engine car derailed.

Ron Johnson shows us the improbable animation trotted out for the dinosaur media reports, “explaining” how the gates were down at the scene of the accident. Obviously, many are saying that this was no accident, especially in light of the incendiary verbiage being hurled from both sides of the aisle, in the wake of the FISA Memo release.

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  • Interesting stuff…

    “Layne says he has seen the arms stay down for hours. He also says he saw a man examining the crossing arms this week.

    CSX Transportation owns the tracks where the crash occurred. Buckingham Branch Railroad leases the tracks and is responsible for maintenance, signaling and traffic dispatching on the line.

    A spokeswoman for Buckingham said she was not aware of any problems with equipment at the crossing but referred questions to the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the crash.

  • Death is a complot, which has many possibilities like
    – any kind of illnesses, which are many………
    – any kind of war etc.
    where after some time death seems to win always.

    Still there is an other complot of living life in love, where eternal life appears.

  • 2-5-18 they triggered a warning shot at the market.
    down 1000 pts, it looks like the party has started since the russia bs didnt work.

  • The corpse in the garbage truck was said to have been dead well before the incident.
    All the roads had been blocked off for security.
    A helicopter escort accompanied the train. Why didn’t it see the truck?
    Over 100 GOP members had been threatened for voting for the release of the FISA Memo.
    They were supposed to be “in session,” that morning.
    Their children were taken out of school that morning, and the spouses were on board, as well.
    It was a miracle that more of the train did not derail, with more injuries and even death.
    The Democrats would have regained majority, although temporary.

    • Yes, I had heard that a helicopter was escorting the train but I hadn’t heard that children were removed from school and spouses onboard! Where did you see that?

  • This was no accident, although it was not well executed (some CIA gangsters are a bit amateurish) – it was a CIA attempt to intimidate legislators. Another incident was the shooting at the joint Demo-Repub picnic by an unstable sick person whom they put in place. THE CIA IS THE MOST DANGEROUS CLUB OF MURDERERS ON PLANET EARTH. THEY ARE NOW GOING AFTER PEOPLE who stand in the way of their disposing of President Trump. They still want to install their killer dog, Hillary Clinton, so they can completely run the U.S.A. and drain its wealth and power for themselves. THEY KILLED PRESIDENT KENNEDY, ROBERT KENNEDY, AND JFK, JR (the latter so their vicious stooge Hillary could become Senator and then put up as a titular head of our government – JFK Jr. was way ahead of her in the NY Senate race polls). Watch for the book, “AMERICAN SUBTERFUGE,” by Charlay Lunneigh, who knows the inside story of the CIA. The controllers of the CIA gangsters were Lyndon Johnson, George HA Bush, and the Clintons. Hillary was to be their next lackey, but the people said “NO.” But the CIA is still coming after us and our country – so we must beware!

  • I take exception to the idea of a plot. Collisions involving trains and trucks are just not that dangerous for the train passengers. A few injuries from being knocked off your feet is the usual outcome.

    The massive train engine(s) are no match for any truck, Their speed is virtually unchecked by the collision. De-railment is rare. In this case the engine was derailed but only deviated from its course by less than a foot.

    Assassination by this method has a close to zero chance of success. Its attempt is random in scope. Trains colliding with vehicles are quite common and the only injuries or deaths usually involve the vehicle the train collides with.

    • I don’t feel that this was an assassination attempt. It is awfully strange that the gates were down and undamaged. One wonders if the garbage truck was attempting to cross the tracks away from the gates when this happened. Reports were that the truck was “just sitting there.” The 28-year-old father of a one-year old who was in that truck died (not the driver).

    • The intent was likely not to kill the Congress people, but to serve as intimidation. Some of our representatives are becoming disconcerted by recent history. Many are retiring. But the main story is much deeper. Many congressional people are pedophiles and can be controlled by unscrupulous gangsters. but others can not be controlled. ‘Tis a dastardly world we have inherited from those who took the reins in recent times.

  • That crossing in Crozet is rarely, if ever, used.
    However, that in itself could explain why they chose that route (subterfuge). If that’s the case, the only way that sabotage succeeds is inside knowledge of the route chosen

  • When the word accident does mean, without purpose, now this word should be removed out of any dictionary.
    Now the question is: For what purpose happens this and who/what is responsible for it?
    Said concrete: Who/what is responsible for all the suffering pains of people inside humanity?
    In a scientific way, I could clarify where it comes from, however still there is inside of me an anger over the need to be hurt in any way.
    I feel there is also a presence possible, where all pains are gone.

    Here is said: love your enemy inside.
    When the enemy is these pains, I must love them.
    I know this is right, morever am angry about it.

    Such pains have been reincarnated for over more than a billion of years. I know I can transform these pains, asking why I have to do so?

    Why is there a need for at first a kind of collective self destruction, whereafter self healing should be possible?
    If somenone has the connection with the originator, well let me know.

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